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Beginners Computer Course

At Home Computer Course

The Handbook You Didn’t Get With Your Computer

Learn how to use your computer the easy Way.

At Home Beginners Computer Course is the best and easiest way to begin using your PC.

If you’re new to computers or maybe just not that confident with them, then this is the website for you.

You really don’t have to know anything to get started here, complete beginners are what this course is about. We all have to start somewhere.

At Home Computer Course

At Home Beginners Computer Course is the best and easiest way to begin using your PC.

If you’re new to computers or maybe just not that confident with them, then this is the website for you.

You really don’t have to know anything to get started here, complete beginners are what this course is about. We all have to start somewhere.

Essential Basic Computer Skills

At Home Computer CourseChapter 1.

The very first chapter of the At Home Computer Course for Beginners. I’m sure that many of you will already know some of this, but perhaps not all of it. This first chapter is all about getting started with your PC, getting accustomed to how computers work.

These are the most important computer skills to have.

Once you get a good idea of how these things work and how to use them, everything else just becomes so much easier.

If you do nothing else on this course, then be sure to do these pages.

Mouse & Keyboard Basics

Computer mouse, keyboard & mouse pointer. Text reads "Mouse and Keyboard basics".

How to change your mouse settings to make it easier to use, and keyboard keys you need to find.

The Windows Desktop

Windows computer desktop. Text reads "Windows Desktop".

Since every time we turn on the computer, we end up at the Desktop, we’ll take a tour & see how to set it up.

Window Size & Position

Google Chrome being resized. Text reads " Resizing & Moving a program window".

Programs open inside what’s called a window. It’s how Windows gets its name. The clever thing is you can control the size & position of these windows.

Finding Your Files

Folder with files being looked at through magnifying glass

Finding all your pictures, documents etc can be difficult.
But once you’ve mastered Windows File Explorer, you’re laughing.

It’s All About The Folders

Computer folder with files shown inside. Text Reads "How to create, name, rename & delete folders".

A place for everything and everything in it’s place. Using folders just makes sense

How To Save Files On Your PC

Folder with files saved into it

How to save files, where you want them, so you can find them again later.

Save Or Save As

Clipart man with question marks floating above his head. Text reads "The difference between Save & Save As".

Should you use Save or Save As to save your files?
What is the difference between them?

How To Open Files

A Folder being prised open with a crowbar

Sounds easy right? Just double left click and you’re done…..
Hmmm, could be interesting.

How To Copy And Paste

File being copied

Copy and Paste is one of those skills that you’ll use over and over again.

How To Cut And Paste

Scissors and a pasting brush over a computer folder

Sounds like Copy & Paste, and it is, but with one big difference. We’ll look at how to Cut & Paste, and how it differs from Copy & Paste. It can be a real time saver.

How To Select More Than 1 File At A Time.

3 Files being selected.

Now your copying & cutting, you’ll want to speed things up by selecting more than one file/folder at a time.


At Home Computer Course – Chapter 2.

Windows is the operating system that makes your computer work. It sits between you, the user and the hardware of the computer. Basically you tell Windows what you want to do (by clicking or typing) and Windows tells the computer to make it happen.

Because Windows is so integral to your computer, you simply have to be comfortable using it.

Take control of your Windows account.

Windows User Accounts

Clipart man sitting at computer.

Create separate accounts for all the people that use your home computer.
Explaining Microsoft, Local, Administrator and Standard user accounts.

How To Change Your User Account Name

We’ve all done it, a silly typo when creating a Windows account. It’s an easy fix.

How To Delete A Windows Account

User avatar with cross indicating its been deleted

Have you got old, unused user accounts on your computer? It’s rather easy to delete them out of the way.

How To Update Windows

Mouse cursor clicking on the Windows logo. Text reads "How to update Windows"

Keep your computer running smoothly by making sure you have the latest updates.

Take A Screenshot Of Your PC

Computer desktop. Text reads "How to screenshot your computer".

Sometimes, grabbing an image of the computer’s screen is just the best way of recording some information.

Show Image Thumbnails

Two computer windows open. One shows images as filenames, the other shows images as thumbnails. Text reads "How to show thumbnails instead of file names".

When your computer shows your pictures as file names rather than thumbnails…

How To Tag Your Photos

Image of people sat at cafe table. Parcel tag has been added with their names. Text reads"How to tag you photos in Windows"

Organise your pictures by adding tags to them. Tags work like keywords, letting you use Windows search features to find the pics you want quickly.

The Internet.

At Home Computer Course – Chapter 3.

Access to the Internet is probably the single biggest reason for most of us even having a computer. Whether your streaming videos or music, catching up with friends, searching for jobs and opportunities, researching, finding, shopping or whatever, the ‘net has it all.

Apologies to all of you arriving at this chapter, it’s by no means complete.

The Internet is such a massive topic, there’s always going to be things that need to be added here.

How To Use Google Chrome

Google Chrome logo. Text reads "How to set your Start page, Home page, Bookmarks etc in Chrome".

The way in which you access the ‘net is through a web browser.
If you’re using Google Chrome, you need to read this.

How To Download From The Internet.

Cloud above laptop computer with a file moving between them. Text reads "How to download from the Internet".

Downloading is synonymous with computers & the Internet. And since your connected to the ‘net, you’ll have to know what you’re doing when it comes to downloading.

About Anti Virus Software

A shield with a tick on it. Text reads "About anti virus programs".

You’re gonna need protection in this here town pardner.
Looking at Anti Virus programs, both free and paid for.

Why You Should Be Using Strong Passwords

Clipart man standing at lectern. Speech bubble reads "There has been a data breach".

They’re looking for you. They’re after your accounts. It’s personal.
Stop making it easy for them.

Google Chrome Password Manager

Google Chrome logo. Text reads "How to use Google Chrome password manager".

Use your browser to look after your complex passwords and logins.

How To Send Large Files Over The Internet

Computer file being moved from one computer to another through a cloud. Text reads "How to send large files over the Internet".

How to send large files and folders over the Internet to someone else.

We All Love Email.

At Home Computer Course – Chapter 4

Email, where would we be without it. Countless billions of messages sent every day. In this chapter we’re going to look at how it works and how to use it.

Email is more than just a simple messaging service.

We start this chapter of the Home Computer Course with a simple introduction to how email works.

Then move on to what you can actually do with email.

Introducing E-Mail

An email message flying through the air. Text reads "Introducing email".

E-Mail, what can I say. It’s at once brilliant and a burden. We’ll look at how it works.

Yahoo Mail

Yahoo logo. Text reads "add pictures, links, attachments, emojis & animated GIFs to yahoo emails".

Do more with your emails. How to add pictures, links & attachments to Yahoo E-Mails.

Gmail Email

Gmail icon. Text reads "How to add pictures, links, attachments, emojis and animated GIFs to Gmail"

How to add pictures, links & attachments to Gmail E-Mails.

Outlook.Com Email

Outlook.com logo.Text reads "Add picitures, links, attachments, emojis and animated GIFs to outlook.com emails"

How to add pictures, links & attachments to Outlook.com E-Mails.

How To Email A Folder

Folder attached to an email message. Text Reads "How to email a folder"

Sometimes it’s just better to send everything in a folder. But just how do you attach a folder to an email?

Disposable “Burner” Email Addresses

Email being burned in flames. Text reads "How to use burner email addresses".

If your not sure you want to hand over your real Email address, use a temporary one.

Forward Emails Between Your Accounts

Clipart man sitting at computer. Emails flying from outlook to Gmail and then to his PC. Text reads "How to forward emails to another account".

If you’ve got several email accounts, you can set up email forwarding to have them all delivered to just one inbox.

Computer Security

At Home Computer Course – Chapter 5

Keeping your computer safe. Keeping yourself safe.

Computer security has never been more important than it is today.

With so many of us using the Internet to shop, bank, communicate and entertain, there are countless ways for fraudsters to operate.

Clean up Google Chrome

Google Chrome icon. Text reads "How to clear cache, cookies and extensions in Google Chrome".

Spring clean Chrome for a better Internet experience. Clear cache, delete extensions and more.

Scan your PC for Malware

Spy and a phishing hook. Text reads "How to scan your PC for malware".

Use the free version of the powerful malware scanner to check your computer for viruses, trojans, hijackers etc.

Backing Up Your PC

Computer with arrow pointing toward a safe. Text reads "Types of PC backup".

We need to talk about backing up. What is it? How can you do it?

Backup To A USB Stick

Computer with an arrow pointing towards a USB stick. Text reads "Backup to a USB stick".

No matter how good your defences, or how vigilant you are, it only takes a moment to get infected. Protect yourself from losing your most precious stuff by backing it up to a USB stick.

Using Google Drive For Backups

Laptop computer with an arrow pointing to the Google Drive logo. Text reads "Backup to Google Drive".

Save your most precious pictures into the cloud for safekeeping. It’s easy to do and a lot better than losing them.

Windows File History

A computer folder with an arrow pointing toward another folder. "text reads "Windows File History".

You can use Windows own backup tool, File History, to create ongoing backups of your files

Back Up Your Entire Computer

Laptop computer with an arrow pointing towards an external USB hard drive. Text reads "Windows System Image".

How to create a Windows system image. Back up everything on your computer.

How To Restore Files From Backups

External USB drive with an arrow pointing towards a computer. Text reads "Restore files from a backup".

Lost something? If you’ve been using Windows backup, you can restore it.

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