how to add pictures, links & attachments to gmail e-mails.

Gmail, or Google Mail as it was once called, allows you to add pictures & links directly into E-Mails, as well as adding attachments.

Below we'll look at how to do that and also we'll brighten our messages up by adding in an Emoji or animated GIF.

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adding pictures into gmail.

Images really do help to get your message across.

And if you're using Gmail, it's easy to insert pictures directly into your Emails.

This is what we're talking about.

Getting an E-Mail like this would lift anyone's day.

We've got a short message and then this wonderful picture.


gotta be a good day.

To get started, log into your Gmail account.

Once there, click the COMPOSE button to start a new E-Mail.

Fill in the address and subject lines.

Add some text to the message body and then we're ready to insert a picture.

click compose.

If you'd like to test how this works, you can send the E-Mail to yourself.

In the address line, just add your own Gmail address and the message will be bounced back to you

When you're ready for the picture to go into your E-Mail, left-click the INSERT PHOTO button on the toolbar.

click the insert photo button.

It can be quite difficult to see the Insert Photo button because it's so small, so here's a close up of it.

the insert photo button.

When you've clicked the Insert Photo button, you'll see this window open.

And it kinda looks like something went wrong.

You have to tell Gmail that you want to upload a picture from your computer.


click select files from your device.

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Now you need to find the image you want to insert into the E-Mail.

Which folder is it in?

If it's in your Pictures folder, click Pictures in the left-hand panel.

If it's in your Documents folder, click Documents in the left-hand panel. And so on.

My picture is on my Desktop.

find your picture.

Finding files on your computer is called navigating. You navigate through the folders on your PC to the file you want or need. How to Navigate Your PC

When you've found the picture you want to add to your E-Mail, left-click it once to select it, then click the OPEN button.

Your picture will be uploaded to Gmail and inserted into your message.

Depending on how large a file it is, it may take a few moments to appear.

select your picture & then click open.

resize the image in gmail.

You can change the size of the picture in the E-Mail so that it fits perfectly.

Left-click onto the picture to select it.

Just below the image, some buttons will appear.

Try them out. The default is BEST FIT, but you can try SMALL or ORIGINAL SIZE.

You can always go back to Best Fit if you don't like the results.

Pick which size best suits you.

If none of the three automatic options are quite right for you, then you can manually adjust the size of the picture.

In the bottom right-hand corner of your picture, you'll see a small square.

It's very small, but it is there.

Move your pointer onto the square, and the normal cursor arrow will change to a double-headed arrow.

Holding down the left mouse button, move your mouse diagonally in or out, depending on whether you want the picture bigger or smaller.

hold down left mouse button.

Making images smaller than the original, they'll pretty much retain there sharpness or clarity, but making them larger, they'll start to get blurry, less sharp.

It's often easier to see it being done, so if your struggling to follow the guidelines above, take a gander at the video.

adding a picture directly into an e-mail in Gmail.


adding an attachment to e-mails in gmail.

An attachment is a file that can be sent with an E-Mail. You can add virtually any file as an attachment, and you can attach as many as you need to.

The limit is 25 Mb, but as long as your under this, you can add multiple attachments.

Log into your Gmail account and start a new E-Mail by clicking COMPOSE, then add in the address and subject lines.

Type in whatever you want to say in the E-Mail message body.

Once your happy, left-click the paper clip icon at the bottom of the screen.

adding an attachment.

Again these icons can be quite small and difficult to see.

So here's a close-up view.

it does look like a paper clip.

Now you'll have to find the file that you want to attach to your E-Mail.

If the file's in your Documents folder, click Documents in the left-hand panel.

If it's in your Pictures folder, click Pictures in the left panel and so on.

My file is on my Desktop so I'll click....

Find the file in the right-hand pane.

When you've got it, left-click it once to select it.

Then click the OPEN button.

After clicking the OPEN button, the selected file will be uploaded and attached to your E-Mail.

If it's a large file, this might take a few seconds or so.

The E-Mail is now ready to send with its attachment.

file attached.

If you need to add more files, you can. It's exactly the same routine.

Adding individual files like this OK, but what if you want to attach a folder? How to Email a Folder

Follow along as I add attachments to my E-Mails.

how to attach a file in gmail.


adding a link into an e-mail.

Sometimes you'll want to direct the recipient of your E-Mail to a particular webpage or website.

You can do that by adding a clickable link to the webpage directly into the E-Mail.

Then all they need to do is to click the link to be taken to the page or site.

I'll add a link to this site into the E-Mail.

The first thing we're going to need is the web address of the website that we want to link to.

So in your browser, go to the website.

Once there, left-click once directly onto the writing in the address bar.

The address will become highlighted.

copy the web address.

Keep your pointer on the highlighted address and right-click.

A menu opens up.

Left-click COPY on the menu.

That's the web address sorted. Now it's back to Gmail.

Log into your account, if you're not already, click COMPOSE to begin a new message, fill in the address and subject lines and add some text to the body of the E-Mail.

When your ready to add the link, click the Insert Link icon.

click the add link button.

The Insert Link icon looks like a link in a chain.

Or at least that's the idea.

Here's a close-up view of it.

close up of insert link icon.

The EDIT LINK window opens.

In the top box, Text to Display, you can type anything you want.

Usually, you'd type something like Click Here.

If you don't want to type anything, it's fine to leave this blank.

the edit link window.


The second box, Web Address, is where we need to paste the web address of the website that we're linking to.

Right-click in this box, then from the menu that opens, left-click Paste.

paste your link in here.

When the website address appears in the box, click the OK button.

And the link is inserted into your E-Mail.

Now when anyone clicks the link, the web page will open up.

You can add more links in exactly the same way.

the link appears in the body of the message.

Not sure how to do it?

Watch me having a go.

adding links into e-mails in gmail.


adding emojis to an e-mail.

You can easily add or insert an Emoji (Smiley or Emoticon) into E-Mails sent using the Gmail service.

Open the Compose window and type in address and subject.

Add whatever text you want into the message body and when you're ready to insert your Emoji, left-click the Emoji icon.

It's the smiley face on the toolbar.

the emoji icon.

The Emoji window opens.

You can scroll through them, or click on the subject icons across the top to narrow your search for just the right one.

Left-click the one you want to put into your E-Mail.

click an emoji.

add an animated GIF.

You can also insert an animated GIF into your E-Mails.

Gmail doesn't provide them for you, so you'll need to find the GIF you want on another site, then add it to your message. But it's easy to do.

Find the GIF you want to add to your E-Mail.

The website I generally use for that is

You can simply browse through the GIF's or click into the search box and type a word or phrase that suits the type of GIF you're looking for.

I'll go for HAPPY.

When you've found just the right one, right-click it and save the image/picture to your computer.

Once you've got the GIF downloaded to your PC, it's exactly the same as adding a picture into your E-Mail.

So log into Gmail, open Compose and to insert your GIF, click the Insert Photo button.

click the insert photo button.

To us, an animated GIF is a very short video. It's a moving picture.

But to your computer, it's a picture or photo. Your PC will treat it as a picture.



click select files from your device.

Now you'll need to find the GIF you just downloaded.

If you downloaded it to your Downloads folder, click Downloads in the left-hand pane etc.

I downloaded it to my Desktop, so I'll click Desktop.

Find the GIF in the right-hand pane, left-click it to select it, then click the OPEN button.

find the GIF you just downloaded.

You can resize the GIF by clicking one of the automatic size options.

Or manually resize it using the grab handles in the corners.

resize the GIF.

It's a shame that Gmail doesn't provide a link within their E-Mail service to animated GIF's like many other services do.

But it's fairly easy to get around.


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