how to create a facebook account.

Facebook often hits the headlines for all the wrong reasons, while the good side of Facebook is overlooked.

Facebook's main function (at least as far as its users are concerned) is to connect people. Putting you in touch with people that you know or used to know. Finding other people that share a common interest with you. Such as joining in with the At Home Computer community.

To take advantage of all this, you're going to need to create a Facebook account.

And once you've created your account, check out How to Setup your Facebook Privacy Settings.

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how to create a facebook account.

To create a Facebook account, you'll need either an email address or mobile phone number.

Before Facebook will allow you to create a new account, they'll send either you a text message or an email, depending on which you decide to use. So make sure you can access either your phone or email account.

You wouldn't be the first person to enter a phone number and then realise they've left it somewhere out of reach.

The second thing you'll need for your Facebook account is obviously a secure password. So don't wait until the screen appears, create a password now. Write it down or type it into Notepad so that you've got it ready.

To create a new account on Facebook, click the link below

When you get to the Facebook login page, click the green CREATE NEW ACCOUNT button.

Fill in the form.

After your name, you'll need to enter either a mobile phone number or an email address.

If you use a phone number, be sure you can access it, it's charged up and connected and right beside you, because Facebook will send a text message to confirm it's you.

Similarly, if you opt for an email address, be sure you can log into it right now because you will get an email from Facebook.

For your password, you'll need to use at least 6 numbers and letters and a symbol.

After clicking the SIGN-UP button, check your email account or phone for a message from Facebook.

It will contain a short code number. Make a note of it.

And then enter the code into the box on the Facebook account setup page.

You'll only need to enter the numbers, the FB part is already entered.

Click the CONTINUE button when ready.

Once you've confirmed either your email account or phone number, you're in. Click the OK button to continue to your new Facebook account.

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If you'd like Facebook to remember your password for you, click the OK button.

If not, click NOT NOW.

how to add a profile picture to your facebook account.

Now that you've created your Facebook account, it's time to set it up properly.

You can add a picture of yourself and add in some details about your life.

Having a profile picture of yourself helps other people to immediately recognise you.

Click your name in the top left of the screen.

To add a photo of yourself, click the blank image holder, then click ADD PHOTO and then UPLOAD PHOTO.

Find the photo you want to use.

Use the left-hand panel to navigate to the folder where the photo is stored.

When you find it, left-click it once to select it, then click the OPEN button.

If you're having trouble finding your pictures or any other folders on your computer check out this page How to Navigate Your PC

Facebook profile pictures are circular.

Most often you'll have to drag your picture into the circle to get it positioned correctly.

Just move your pointer onto the photo, hold down the left mouse button and then move the mouse. You'll see your picture moving with the mouse.

When it's positioned just right, release the mouse button and click the SAVE button.

how to add a cover photo.

You can also add a "Cover Photo". The cover photo is the large grey area behind your profile picture.

To add a cover photo, click the COVER PHOTO button. Then click UPLOAD PHOTO.

Find the picture you want to use exactly the same way as adding your profile picture.

setting up your facebook account profile.

Now that you've got your pictures sorted, you can update your Facebook profile.

Facebook will use the information that you enter here to try to find "People you may know".

It offers up "friend suggestions", people for you to connect with. After all, if you went to the same school/college/uni, at about the same time, or worked for the same company, then there is at least a chance that you know/knew each other.

Your Facebook profile isn't the only method used to find people that you might already know, there are many other factors used, but it is one of the most obvious ways.

To get started, click your name in the top left of the screen.

In the "Intro" section, click EDIT DETAILS.

You may have to scroll down the page a little to find the Intro section.

You can add whatever information you want by clicking on each category.

A simple form will appear for you to add details, such as the schools you attended, places that you've worked etc, along with the dates that you were there.

It's all pretty much straightforward.

The information that you enter into your profile is entirely voluntary. It's up to you what and how much you reveal about yourself.

Don't feel obligated to fill in any particular form that appears.

For instance, you may have had a terrible time at school and would rather that part of your life stayed in the past. If so, don't tell Facebook where you went to school. Just leave it blank.

But if you then had a great time at college/uni, fill that part in.

As you fill in each "form", before you click the SAVE button, decide whether you want the information to be made public on Facebook.

Most of the information is automatically set to be public. Which means that anyone can find and see that information.

That's not always a great idea. In fact, I think it's rather a bad idea.

Click the PUBLIC button.

After clicking the PUBLIC button, the "Select Audience" window will open.

Depending on what the information is that you've entered, choose either Friends or Only Me.

Then click the SAVE button.

Scroll down the profile page and fill in as much information about yourself as you'd like to.

Again I'll stress that you certainly don't have to fill in any of these categories.

Only add stuff you're happy for Facebook to know about you, and don't forget to set whether you want the information to be public or more private.

your facebook account.

Facebook is all about connecting people. Helping you to find friends and relatives that, for whatever reason, you've lost contact with.

But it's also about opening new connections, new people to talk to. Finding other people who share your interests, take part in the same hobbies that you do.

What Facebook does with the data that you enter into your profile is to try to match it with other Facebook users.

And it's not just individuals, Facebook allows for the creation of Groups. A group is what it sounds like, a collection of people with a common interest. Maybe you're a model railway enthusiast, a sports fan, TV and film. There are Facebook groups for just about anything and everything.

The more information that you enter into your profile, the better the friend suggestions that Facebook will find for you.

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