how to forward emails to another email account.

It's a good idea these days to have more than one E-mail address. In fact, many people will have got several.

The problem though, is checking these email accounts. Let's say you've got a Yahoo email account, and a Gmail account and an Outlook account. That's 3 accounts to log into and check your emails. Not undoable, but time-consuming.

There's a couple of ways around this issue though. Firstly, you could set up an Email Client (an email program) on your PC to check all your email accounts.

And secondly, you could have all your mail delivered to just one email inbox (one email account).

Let's stick with the idea that you've got a Yahoo, Gmail and Outlook email addresses. You could easily set up your Outlook and Gmail accounts to send all your emails that they receive to your Yahoo email account.

So to get ALL your emails, regardless of which email address they were sent to, and you'd only need to log into Yahoo to see them.

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forwarding emails - how it works.

It's very similar to moving home. When you move home, it's not unusual to leave behind a forwarding address. Your new address.

So that any mail that you get delivered to your old address can be re-addressed and sent on to your new address.

And that's basically how forwarding emails from one account to another works.

You simply log into the account you want to forward, give it your "new" email address, the one you want your emails sent on to and from then on, all incoming mail will be bounced on to the new address.

As an example, an email sent to my address is sent to my Gmail address. All I need to do to see my emails is to log into Gmail.

You can have any combination of emails forwarded, it doesn't have to be Yahoo, Gmail or Outlook. These are simply the most popular email services, so they're what I'm going to cover.

However, other email services will be very similar.

sending and replying.

When you send an email, or reply to a received email, your email address is automatically added to the message.

So if I send a message from my Gmail account, it will have my Gmail email address added to it.

Even if I'm replying to an email that was originally sent to my Yahoo address and then forwarded to Gmail. When I reply, it will have my Gmail address on it.

If I wanted the email to only have my Yahoo email address on it, then I'd have to log into Yahoo to send it.

Email forwarding is one way only.

Think of the example of moving home again. If you received some mail that had been forwarded to your new address, and you were replying to that mail, you'd add only your new address. You wouldn't include the old one.

to set up email forwarding in gmail.

To have your Gmail emails automatically sent to another email address, log in to your Gmail account as usual.

From your Gmail account, click the Settings icon (gear wheel) in the top right corner.

On the menu that opens, click the SEE ALL SETTINGS button.

On your Gmail settings page, click the FORWARDING AND POP/IMAP tab.

Right at the top of the page, click the ADD A FORWARDING ADDRESS button.

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Now you can type in the email address that you'd like all your Gmail emails to be sent to.

Double-check, no, triple-check, your typing, your spelling. Make absolutely sure you've entered the correct email address.

Click NEXT when you're done.

confirm email address forwarding - gmail.

Once you've added the new address, Gmail will pop up several confirmation screens to check that you really do want to do this.

Double-check the email address you've entered again and then click the PROCEED button.

A confirmation code will be sent to the address you want your Gmail emails forwarded to. Click the OK button.

Log in to the email account you're having your Gmail emails sent to.

You will find an email from the Gmail Team. Open it and then click the link inside it.

After you've clicked the link in the confirmation email, you'll see this very bland looking page.

Click the CONFIRM button.

And finally, it's done.

You've successfully setup up Gmail to send your emails to another email account.

how to set up email forwarding in includes any email addresses ending with @hotmail, @live, @msn or @passport. They're all Microsoft email addresses and as such, they all now use the same email portal,

So if you've got any of these email addresses, this is how to set up forwarding. Log in to as you normally would (as if you were checking your mail).

When you've logged in, click the Settings icon (it's the gear wheel) in the top right-hand corner of the screen.

On the menu that appears, click VIEW ALL OUTLOOK SETTINGS.

It'll be near the bottom of the menu.

On's settings page, click FORWARDING, in the middle panel.

verify your identity.

Now you'll need to verify your identity. will want to make sure the account belongs to you before any major changes can be made.

Enter your password again and then click the SIGN IN  button. will send a text message to the phone number associated with your account.

Click on the phone number.

Type in the last 4 digits of your phone number, then click SEND CODE.

Enter the code number that they send you into the box.

If you don't want to be bothered by this type of verification of your email account again, you can put a tick in the "Don't ask me again on this device" box.

When you're ready, click the VERIFY button.

When all the security and verification has been done, you can finally enter an email address to have your emails forwarded to.

Type in the address you want to use carefully. Check and re-check it.

When you're happy with it, click the SAVE  button.

how to set up email forwarding in yahoo mail.

Of the big 3 email providers, Yahoo is the only one to charge for email forwarding.

Yes, that's right, at the time of writing this article, if you want to forward your Yahoo emails to another account, then you'll need to subscribe to either Yahoo Pro or a service they call Access + Forwarding.

Now I ain't paying for something I can get for free elsewhere, so I can only take you so far in setting up email forwarding with Yahoo.

To send your Yahoo emails to another email account, log into your Yahoo email account as usual, then click the Settings icon in the top right corner.

It looks like a gear wheel.

When you click the Yahoo Mail Settings icon, a small menu will open.

Near the bottom of the menu, click MORE SETTINGS.

You'll need to look carefully, it can be difficult to see, but it will be there.

In the left-hand panel, click MAILBOXES.

Click your Yahoo email address.

Now you could have several Yahoo email addresses, if so, click the one that you want to start forwarding.

I've only got one Yahoo address, so that's easy for me.

Don't click on any of the other options. They aren't for email forwarding. Some of the descriptions they give are a little misleading. Just click your Yahoo email address.

When you've clicked the email address that you want to be forwarded, in the right-hand panel, scroll down to the bottom of the page.

If you've got a valid Yahoo subscription, you'll be able to add the email address that you want your Yahoo mails sent to.

But as you can see, I don't have one, so that's as far as I can go.

summing up.

Having all your emails from different accounts delivered to one inbox is far more convenient than logging in and out of several services.

It's relatively easy to set up, once you get past the security measures that the various providers have put into place. But we can hardly complain about that, what with all the fraud and phishing going on. Why You Should Use Strong Passwords.

It's a shame that Yahoo doesn't allow email forwarding for free, but there you go, maybe it's a sign of things to come.

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