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how to play music & make playlists on your PC.

Playing the music tracks that you've got on your computer is as easy as double clicking. But we can do more than just playing one song at a time. Much more.

We can play any number of tracks, in any order. Simply by selecting multiple songs.

And then there's Playlists. A Playlist is the best part of having music on a PC.

With a Playlist, you have a permanent selection of tracks, that will play at the click of a button.

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playing music on your PC.

Open Windows Media Player by clicking the START button and then typing -

media player

Click Windows Media Player at the top of the list.

click window media player.

Don't worry about there not being a box to type into. One will appear as soon as you start typing.

Just click START, then to type - media player

I know it's weird the first time you do it, but it works.

Media Player will open.

If it's not already selected, click the Music button in the left pane.

In the right pane you'll see all the music that you have in your Music folder.

If this is the first time you've launched Windows Media Player, it may take a minute or two for the music to appear.

click the music button.

To play a single song, double left click it.

To play more than one song, you'll first have to tell Media Player which songs to play. You do this by selecting the songs.

Hold down the CTRL (control) key on the keyboard (bottom left corner of the keyboard).

Then single left click on each song you want Media Player to play.

When you've finished selecting the songs, click the PLAY button and Media Player will play all the songs that you selected.

select your tracks and then click play.

can't see your music?

By default, Windows Media Player scans your Music folder for music tracks.

But you could have music else where on your computer. You could have music in folders on your Desktop, in your Downloads folder or anywhere else.

If you have music stored in other folders, such as on your Desktop, or in the Downloads folder. You can tell Media Player to look in these folders as well as the Music folder.

Click the ORGANISE button in the top left corner, then on the menu, put your pointer on MANAGE LIBRARIES.

Another menu will open, click MUSIC.

adding more music locations.

The Music Library Locations window will open.

We need to add other folders, or locations to the music library.

So click the ADD button.

click add.

In the left hand pane, scroll up or down to find the folder that has your music (such as Desktop, Downloads etc) and then left click it once.

In the right hand pane, scroll up or down to find your music.

When you've found it, left click it once and then click the INCLUDE FOLDER button.

Windows media player will search the files or folders specified and add any music tracks it finds to your library.

navigate to your music folders.

If you have music stored in other folders, add them to the Media Player library one at a time.

When you've finished adding folders, you'll be able to see all the music that's on your computer. Ready play.

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creating a playlist.

A playlist is simply a list of songs to be played. When you create a playlist, you give it a descriptive name, such as,

Beatles, Elvis, The Stranglers, Sunny day music, Rainy day, Happy songs, Christmas, Holidays, Party, A sides, B sides, Album tracks.

Anything that makes sense to you. And when you want to play them, you just click the playlist.

The magic about a playlist is that once it is created, it is then stored on your computer ready to be used again and again.

To create a playlist, click the CREATE PLAYLIST button.

A new playlist will be created. Type a descriptive name for it.

Anything that makes sense to you. So that you know what to expect when you play the list later.

create a new playlist.

Now in the left pane, click the MUSIC button.

In the right pane, select your music to be added to the playlist.

Hold down the CTRL key and then left click all the songs you want included in the playlist.

pick the songs you want on the playlist

Put your pointer onto one of the songs you've selected, and right click.

On the menu that opens, put your pointer on ADD TO.

On the next menu, left click the name of your playlist.

My playlist is called "stranglers", so that is what I would click on.

To play the music on playlist, just click it in the left hand pane and then click the PLAY button.

All the songs on that playlist will play through, one after the other.

And tomorrow, when you come back to your PC, the playlist will still be there. Ready to go when you are.

ready to play whenever you are.

You can create as many playlists as you'd like. One for every day of the week.

adding/removing music on playlist.

Playlists are very versatile, and you can add or remove songs from them at any time.

To add more tracks, click MUSIC in the left pane and scroll down to find the songs you want to add.

Right click the song, put your pointer onto ADD TO, and then left click the name of the playlist that you want the song added to.

To remove a song from a playlist, left click the name of the playlist in the left hand pane.

Then right click on the song to be removed in the right hand pane.

On the menu that opens, left click REMOVE FROM LIST.


copy music to your PC

Copy music from your CD's onto your computer.

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