how to email a folder.

How do you send a folder as an attachment to an Email?

Sometimes we've got a bunch of files to attach to an Email, and it would be much easier if they were all in a single folder. But that just won't work. Most E-Mail services don't allow you to attach a folder to an E-Mail.

So what's the answer?

Well, you could attach the files individually. That would work. A little ungainly, especially if you've got half a dozen files to send, but it would work.

However, if you want all the files to be kept together, then it's better to send the folder.

To do that, you'll need to zip (or compress) the folder.

From a computer's point of view, once a folder is zipped, it becomes a file. It's treated as a single file.

And we already know we can attach files to an E-Mail. So..

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zipping a folder to email it.

OK, so we can send a folder and all its contents, but we'll need to zip it first.

Find your folder, wherever it may be.

As an example, I'm going to send this folder that's on my Desktop.

here's my folder.

Right-click on the folder to open the options menu.

Move your pointer onto SEND TO.

A second menu will open.

On the second menu, left-click COMPRESSED (ZIPPED) FOLDER.

send to - compressed (zipped) folder.

After a moment or two (depending on the size of the folder and the speed of your PC) a second folder will appear.

It will have exactly the same name as the original.

And inside it will be all the files, exactly as the original.

At first glance, the folders appear to be exactly the same, but looking carefully, you'll notice the new one has a zipper on it.

The zipper indicates that the folder has been zipped, or compressed.

It's this one, the one with the zip, that we can send as an attachment in an E-Mail.

attaching a folder to an email.

Log into your E-Mail service, start a new message, and then hit the Attach files button.

attach files icon.

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Then it's simply a matter of navigating to the folder that you want to send in your Email.

Don't forget that you'll have two folders with the same name, so be sure to select the one that's zipped.

file and folder size limits in e-mails.

There is a limit to how large any Email, together with its attachments, can be.

Generally it's set at around 25MB. Although this does vary a little between Email service providers.

So if the folder you're trying to attach (send) in your Email is larger than 25MB, you'll have to find another way. How to Send or Share Large Files & Folders.


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