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how to cut & paste.

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Cut and Paste is very similar to Copy and Paste, which we covered on the previous page.

In fact the Paste part is exactly the same. By Pasting a file or folder, we're telling the computer to put or place the file/folder here.

Cut & Copy though, are different. When we copy a file/folder, we're duplicating it. We're making a copy. We'll have 2 versions of the same file/folder. But that's not always what we want.

When we Cut a file/folder, what we're actually doing is moving it. So we only ever have a single version of the file/folder.

Read on and we'll discover more about Cut & Paste.

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    cut & paste.

    To explain more clearly the difference between Cut & Paste and Copy & Paste, let me give you a simple scenario.

    I've got a picture on my Desktop and I want to move that picture to my Pictures folder. I want to move it from my Desktop into my Pictures folder.

    I could Copy & Paste it into my Pictures folder, but that would give me 2 pictures, 1 in my Pictures folder and 1 on my Desktop.

    I only want the 1 picture though, the one in my Pictures folder. So I could go back to my Desktop & then Delete the one that's there. That would work. That would be OK.

    But there's a slightly quicker way of doing it.

    Let me show you  how to Cut & Paste.

    So here's the picture file on my Desktop.

    I want it to go into my Pictures folder, but I don't want it left on my Desktop.

    I want to move it to my Pictures folder.

    So I'm going to Cut & Paste it.

    the picture on my desktop.

    Where Copy & Paste is pretty much self explanatory, Cut & Paste would more accurately be described as MOVE & Paste. We're moving the file/folder.

    The terms Copy & Paste and Cut & Paste come from the newspaper industry.

    The process is almost exactly the same as Copy & Paste.

    Left click once on the file to select it, then right click it to open the Options menu.

    On the menu, left click CUT.

    left click cut.

    Now go to the folder where we want the picture to go, in my case, it'll be my Pictures folder.

    Right click and on the menu that opens, left click PASTE.

    The picture will appear in the folder as soon as I click Paste.

    left click paste.

    When I return to my Desktop, the picture's gone.

    The picture has moved from my Desktop to my Pictures folder.

    I don't have 2 versions of the picture. Only the 1.

    Cut & Paste has moved the image to my Pictures folder.

    it's gone!

    have a go at cut and paste.

    As ever, we're going to create a dummy file to play around with.

    Open Notepad and type something. Save it onto your Desktop with the file name Dummy Cut.

    Close Notepad out of the way.

    Then create a new folder called Rita AHC.

    What we're going to do is to Cut & Paste the file "Dummy Cut" into the folder Rita AHC.

    file dummy cut & folder rita AHC.

    Now we want to move the file Dummy Cut into the folder Rita AHC.

    Left click once on the file Dummy Cut to select it, then right click it.

    On the menu that opens, left click the word CUT.

    left click cut.


    When you left click CUT, the menu will disappear.

    Now left click once on the folder Rita AHC to select it, then right click it.

    On the menu that opens, left click PASTE.

    left click paste.

    You'll see that the file, Dummy Cut, disappears from your Desktop.

    But when you open the folder, Rita AHC, you'll see that the file is inside.

    It's been moved from the Desktop to the folder.

    the file is inside the folder.

    Definitely have a go at this on your computer.

    I've got a very quick video here for you.

    You can pretty much already do this, because it's so much like Copy & Paste.

    how to Cut & paste.


    let's go

    Well what about Copying or Cutting more than 1 file/folder at a time?

    I'm in, bring it on.

    "To Cut or to Copy, that is the question?"