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how to uninstall a program or app.

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From time to time, we'll all want or need to uninstall a program or app from the computer.

It may be to make room on the computer for something else, or maybe the program is not working correctly, or maybe it's just old and is being replaced.

Maybe your changing anti virus programs and need to uninstall the old one.

Whatever the reason, you can't just delete a program like you would with a file or folder. You have to Uninstall it.

It's is easy to do, once you know how.

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    how to uninstall a program or app from your computer.

    Uninstalling a program or app from Windows 10 is a lot easier and safer than it was on earlier versions of Windows.

    Oh those were the days....

    To get started, right click on the START button.

    That'll open a different menu to the one your used to seeing.

    At the top of the list, left click on APPS AND FEATURES.

    right click the start button.

    In the main window, you can see a list of all the programs and apps currently installed on your computer.

    My list is very small because it's just a test computer. Your list could be very long.

    Scroll through the list (which is in alphabetical order), until you find the program that you want to be rid of.

    list of instlled programs.

    When you find the program that you want to uninstall, left click it once to expose the UNINSTALL button.

    As an example, I'll uninstall a program called CCleaner.

    Left click the UNINSTALL button.

    uninstall ccleaner.

    You'll usually get a window pop up asking you to confirm uninstalling.

    Click the UNINSTALL button.

    click uninstall to confirm.

    Next you might see the User Account Control window.

    Again, it's simply asking if you want to continue uninstalling whichever program or app your working on.

    Click the YES button.

    click yes.

    The program's uninstall routine should now start up.

    It'll vary slightly from program to program. You may be asked if your sure you want to uninstall etc, just click Yes or OK, and the program should uninstall itself.

    So to continue with our example.

    This is CCleaner's uninstall window.

    A lot of program's will be similar.

    Click the NEXT button to continue uninstalling.

    click next to uninstall.


    the final steps to uninstalling.

    This final window shows where CCleaner is going to be uninstalled from.

    Not all programs will show this window, but either way there's not much for you to do, except click the UNINSTALL button.

    click uninstall button.

    Here we've got an uninstalling progress bar.

    I like it when programs throw these up.

    It's nice to see something happening, although they don't all do this.

    going, going, soon be gone.

    Click the FINISH button, and that's that, as they say.

    In my example, ccleaner has now been uninstalled from my machine.

    click finish.

    Lastly you'll be returned to the Apps & Features window.

    You can confirm that the program has been removed from your PC.

    Some programs will require a computer restart to finish the job.

    If they do, they'll tell you, and you simply click the RESTART button.

    CCleaner has been removed from list.

    In the video, I'll run through a couple of uninstalls.

    It's not at all difficult to do, but the constant "Are you sure"? messages that pop up, can really throw you off.

    Be confident.



    ready to go?

    Dump the trash and let's move on.

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