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how to use this site.

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Completely new to computers, or maybe had one kicking about for a while and never really got to grips with it.

Well, this is the place to start.

We're starting at the very beginning and I know that most of you will be able to skip through this page. But we have to start somewhere.

So this very first page of the course is all about how to get the most from the pictures and videos on the site.

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    using the pictures on this site.

    Seeing is believing, as they say. So throughout the site, I use a lot of pictures. It's much easier to explain what I'm talking about when I can show you.

    It's also easier for you to understand my ramblings when you can see what I'm trying to describe.

    Sometimes though, you'll need to see the picture larger so that you can make out what I'm pointing to.

    Most of the pictures can be made larger so that you can see more detail.

    To make the pictures larger, left-click once on them. Put your pointer directly onto the picture and click.

    To return to normal view, left-click on the picture again.

    Try it now with this picture.

    Do it several times, just click it to make it larger, then click it again to return.

    You'll quickly get used to it.

    click onto the image.

    You can do this on many websites. Whenever you see an image, but it's a little small, you can probably click on it to make it larger.

    It's not going to work on every site, but it will on a lot of them.

    You can usually tell that the image ( picture ) can be made larger.

    As you move your pointer over the picture, it'll change from an arrowhead to a pointy finger.

    arrow to pointy finger.

    using the videos on this site.

    For most of the guides, there will be an accompanying video.

    It's a lot easier to take stuff in if you can actually watch it being done.

    Throughout the site, I use a pretty much standard video player. But not everyone here will have used one on their computer.

    Click the RED play button to start the video playing.

    using the video player.

    Just occasionally I'll use other people's videos because they can explain something better than I can. There aren't many and they'll look different, but they work just the same.

    quick reminder buttons.

    The course is actually made up of standalone tutorials, that all fit together in a logical sequence, to create a complete guide to using your computer.

    Once we've covered a subject, we don't need to have a detailed guide on how to do it, whatever it is.

    Or do we? Sometimes we all need a little reminder of how to do something.

    Quick Reminder buttons are just that. A nudge in the right direction.

    Let's say you've already done the page about Folders.

    You now know how to create & name them.

    Later in the course, we may need to create a new folder.

    You suddenly go blank.

    "How do I create a folder?".

    i forgot.

    Don't worry, it happens to us all.

    You'll find Quick Reminder buttons scattered around the course.

    quick reminders.

    When you click a Quick Reminder button, a pop up will open giving simple, basic instructions on how to perform that particular task.

    Sometimes it may be a simple picture or even a quick video.

    Its purpose is simply to get you started.

    Hopefully, that'll be enough to get you going again.

    But if it's not, if your still not sure, there's generally a link that will take you to the page where we covered that particular task.

    There's an example Quick Reminder below. Try it out.

    link to previous page.


    We're cleared for take off.

    OK, Let's Crack On. Click The Windows Desktop Button.