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How To Use Revo Uninstaller.

If you’ve already tried to uninstall a program from your computer using the standard Windows uninstaller and it failed. Then it’s time to get serious. You can use the free version of Revo Uninstaller to remove even the most stubborn programs.

Apps And Features.

To uninstall a program from your computer you should always try removing it through the Apps & Features page first How To Uninstall Programs & Apps In Windows 10 & 11.

But sometimes that just won’t work.

You’ll get various error messages, but the upshot is that the program won’t uninstall.

One quick tip is to restart (reboot) your computer and try again. I know that’s an old tip, but you’d be surprised at how often it actually works.

But if the program/app still refuses to budge, then you’re going to need a helping hand.

Message window reads "Windows cannot find the uninstaller file"

Pro Guides

If the program you’re trying to remove is an anti virus program, then click here How To Uninstall Anti-Virus Programs That Won’t Uninstall.

Download & Install Revo Uninstaller Free version.

Download and install Revo Uninstaller Free. They do have pro versions that you can buy, but the free version works brilliantly.

Click the link below to go to the Revo Uninstaller download page.


Click the DOWNLOAD button and then run the setup program.

The download button is marked.

Windows User Account Control (UAC) will pop up.

Check that it is for Revo Uninstaller and then click the YES button to allow the setup process to begin.

Yes button indicated.

Installing Revo Uninstaller

The Revo Uninstaller setup process begins. It’s pretty much a standard install routine that generally only requires you to keep clicking Yes, OK or Next.

Language set to English.
Accepting terms and conditions
Installation directory

And finally, it’s installed and ready for action.

Click the FINISH button to launch Revo Uninstaller.

When Revo opens you’ll see a list of all the programs that are installed on your computer.

You’ll probably have many more programs listed than I have here.

Before You Begin Uninstalling.

Uninstaller programs, such as Revo, search through the registry of your computer looking for any keys and other entries that relate to the program that you’re trying to remove, any found will be deleted.

The Windows registry is both central and critical to your computer. Mistakes here can stop other programs from running properly and even cripple your machine. So you need to proceed with caution, create a backup of the registry before you do anything else.

Before committing to an uninstall, Revo will attempt to create a System Restore point so that you can “go back” or revert any changes made during the uninstall. System Restore creates a backup of the Windows registry along with other settings. It’s worth checking that System Restore is enabled on your computer. How To Use System Restore In Windows 10 & 11.

If for some reason you don’t want to use System Restore, then you can simply create a back up of your computers registry. Whilst the pro version of Revo Uninstaller includes an automatic registry backup, the free version doesn’t. Although it’s easy and quick to create a backup of the Windows registry, it’s a little more difficult to recover it, which is why I generally prefer to use System Restore How To Backup & Restore The Windows Registry..

How To Use Revo Uninstaller.

Now that you’ve created a backup of your registry, it’s time to remove that troublesome program.

Start Revo Uninstaller (if it’s not already running).

All your programs are listed alphabetically. You might have to scroll down to find the one you’re after.

When you find it, left-click it once to select it. The program will become highlighted.

In this example, I’m going to remove a program called CCleaner.

CCleaner highlighted as program to be removed in Revo Uninstaller GUI.

With the program selected, left click the UNINSTALL button on the top panel.

It’s the one near the centre of the top panel.

Uninstall button is indicated on options panel in Revo Uninstaller GUI.

Application Uninstaller Fails.

After clicking the Uninstall button, Revo will pop up a confirmation window asking if you’re sure you want to uninstall the selected program. Click the CONTINUE button.

Continue button is marked.

After you click the Continue button, Revo will attempt to remove the program using the normal Windows uninstall routine.

You know, the one that keeps failing and doesn’t work. And surprise surprise, it still doesn’t work. Click the OK button to continue.

So now Revo Uninstaller needs to scan your computer.

There are 3 scanning modes.

  1. Safe. Will probably miss a few things.
  2. Moderate. Will find most, if not all.
  3. Advanced. No, just no.

Select Moderate scanning if it isn’t already selected. Then click the SCAN button.

Scan options page in Revo Uninstaller. Moderate is selected.

When the scan completes, Revo will display all the registry entries (keys) that it’s found that relate to the program you’re trying to uninstall.

You may have hundreds, such as I’ve got here, or you might only have a few. It all depends on the program your dealing with.

All these keys are going to be deleted. They should all be pre-selected by default (a tick in the box).

Click the DELETE button. You’ll see a pop up asking if you’re sure, click the YES button and cross your fingers.

Registry keys found by Revo Uninstaller. All are selected and the Delete key is indicated.

Once the registry keys have been deleted, Revo Uninstaller will display all the files and folders that it has found that relate to the program you’re removing.

Again they’re pre-selected by default. They all need to be deleted.

Click the DELETE button.

Delete key is marked

After the files and folders have been removed, you’ll be returned to the start page of Revo Uninstaller.

In my example, you can see that the program CCleaner has gone.

CCleaner has disappeared from list of installed programs.

One Last Thing To Do.

Close Revo Uninstaller and restart your computer.

Assuming it starts up OK, test a few of your most commonly used programs and the Internet.

Does everything work OK?

If so, then you can delete the registry backup you made earlier.

Should You Remove Revo Uninstaller?

Entirely up to you. It won’t do any harm to your computer if you’d like to leave it in place and it really doesn’t take up much space either.

On the other hand, if you’d like to remove it, you can uninstall it from the regular Apps and Features page.

Concluding How To Use Revo Uninstaller

Revo Uninstaller works. It’s as simple as that. When you’ve got a problematic program that just won’t go away, Revo will normally be able to shift it. Do take the time to make your registry backups beforehand though.

However, there is one group of programs that you probably shouldn’t use Revo on and that is the Anti Virus programs. If you’re having trouble removing Avast, Norton, McAfee and company, then there’s a better solution How To Uninstall Anti-Virus Programs That Won’t Uninstall.

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