how to create a google account.

Google provides a wealth of services and apps that you can use on your computer, including its E-mail service, Gmail. A lot of them are free and to be honest, they work rather well.

To take advantage of all that Google has to offer, you'll need to create a Google account.

Google accounts are free, they don't cost anything at all, and you won't be asked for any financial details during the setup process,

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creating a google account.

When you create a new Google account, you can either create a brand new E-Mail address, something that will end in, or you can use an existing E-Mail address that you already have.

Whichever you choose to do is really up to you, but if you're thinking of using a pre-existing email address, don't use an ISP email account. Something like or or etc.

These types of email address are part of your broadband package, and if you move supplier, you could lose these types of addresses.

Email addresses like or or are fine to use because these are independent of your broadband deal. ISP Vs Free E-mail accounts.

If you do decide to use an existing email address, you'll need to provide a phone number where Google can contact you. Using an existing email address.

The easiest way to get started creating a Google account is to click the Google Apps icon in the top right corner of the Google webpage.

Or click this link to go directly there

Then on the menu that opens, click the Account icon.

click the account icon.

Once on the Google account page, click the CREATE AN ACCOUNT in the top right corner.

create an account.

Or if you can't see Create an Account, then most likely someone has signed into a Google account at some point with your computer. No matter, click GO TO GOOGLE ACCOUNT.

Then on the Sign In page, click CREATE ACCOUNT.

On the menu that opens, click FOR MYSELF.

go to google account.
create account.
for myself.

on the google account page.

This is where you're going to create your new Google account.

Slow down. There isn't a time limit on these pages, you don't have to hurry it along.

It's important to remember what your username is and what you've used as your password. So take your time.

Type in your name in the top two boxes,

Then in the Username box, type in the E-Mail address you'd like to have.

If it's already in use by someone else ( which it will be), Google will tell you so and give you a couple of suggestions that you could use.

oops, that's taken.
and this one.

If you like one of Googles suggestions, just click on it.

If you'd rather try again, click in the username box and type something else. keep going until both you and Google agree.

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Once you're settled on a new E-Mail address (Username) make a note of it somewhere, either type it into Notepad or write it down.

Type your new email address into notepad.
or write it down on paper.

As I said earlier, don't rush this part. Google will wait for you.

Make sure that you note down your new E-Mail address correctly, and if you're taking notes by hand, be sure you can read what you've written.

adding a password to your account.

You are going to need a password. A new password for your new Google account.

So while you've got Notepad open, or your pen and pad, write down the password you're going to use.

type out a password.
or jot one down on paper.

I can't stress this enough, take your time. Create a good password. Something you can remember, that is easy to type, or if you're writing it down by hand, something that is easy to write.

You might like to see why we need good passwords Why You Should Use Strong Passwords.

Now that you know what password you're going to use, return to the Create a Google Account page, either type your chosen password or Copy & Paste it from Notepad into the boxes Password and Confirm.

enter your chosen password.

Double-check that you've entered the password correctly.

Click the SHOW PASSWORD box.

show password and check it carefully.

When you're happy with both your new E-Mail address and password, and you've got it written down somewhere or committed to memory, click the next button.

account recovery options.

Every single day, hundreds or possibly thousands, of people get locked out of their accounts with one company or another. We're only human after all.

On this page, Google encourages you to add a phone number and/or another e-mail address.

Now while you don't have to enter this information, I'd suggest that you do.

Should you get locked out of your Google account, later on, Google will text or E-Mail you a way to get back into your account using this information.

Fill in the form as you see fit.

If you're not entering a phone number or email address, then just leave them blank.

Click the NEXT button when you're ready.

If you enter a phone number, Google will send you a text message with a code number in it. You'll simply need to type that code number into the box provided on the Google webpage.

Similarly, if you enter an email address, Google will send you an email with a code number.

They do this to confirm that you really do own either the phone or email address.

More details about that further down the page Verifying an email or phone number.

google account - terms & conditions etc.

Well, you knew it was coming, the inevitable terms and conditions that you have to agree to.

The next few pages will deal with Googles terms and conditions for using/having an account. They'll include privacy and advertising settings.

In this example, I'm going with the most expedient settings to speed things up.

Click the top option and then click Next.

Read and digest, scroll to the bottom of the page and click Confirm.

Read and digest then scroll to the bottom and Agree.

You've done it.

When you get to this page, you've created a brand new Google account.

You can start using your new E-Mail address right away, or access any of Google's other services.

done it.

It's worth just checking that your new Gmail is working.

From the Google homepage, click GMAIL in the top right corner.

using an existing e-mail address.

If you'd like to use an existing E-Mail address ( one that you already have) rather than creating a new Gmail address, you can.

On the Create Your Google Account page, fill in your name with the top two boxes.

Don't type anything into the Username box, instead, click "USE MY CURRENT EMAIL ADDRESS INSTEAD".

using a current email address.

Now you can type in your current E-Mail address.

So in this example, I already have a Yahoo email address and I'd like to use that for my Google account as well.

I type in my Yahoo email address and then type in the password I want to use on my Google account.

Click Next when ready.

The password I'm entering for this new Google account will be different from the password I use to access my Yahoo emails.

These two accounts are separate accounts, so they need different passwords. Even though I'm going to use the same email address the passwords should be different.

verifying an e-mail address & phone number.

Before you can continue setting up your new Google account, Google will ask you to verify your email address.

They'll send you an email, in the email will be a code number.

You have to get the code number from the email and enter it in the box here.

Open a new tab in your browser and log into your email service.

In the example, mine is Yahoo, so here I am in my Yahoo emails.

Click the email from Google.

The email from Google will contain a code number.

Either copy the number or write it down.

Now go back to the Google account tab and enter the code from the E-Mail into the box.

Click the VERIFY  button when done.

Next, you'll have to enter a phone number where Google can send you a text message.

The message will have a similar code number in it and you'll need to type that code number into the box on the webpage. Exactly as you did for the E-Mail.

And there you have it, a brand new Google account. You now have access to all of Google's services, including Gmail, Drive, Docs and YouTube.

Don't forget to store your new email address and password safely.

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