how to change your account name in windows 10.

How do you change your Windows 10 account name?

Look, it happens to us all. You're creating your account on your computer, or maybe an account for someone else, and you misspell the name.

A silly typo and there you are, Pst instead of Pat. And now you're going to see that every time you turn your computer on.

But we can change that, we have the technology etc.

How you change your account name will depend a lot on which type of user account you have, either a Microsoft account or a Local account. We'll cover both below.

If you'd like more information about the various types of accounts that you can have click Windows User Accounts

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how to change your local account name.

If you're logging in to your computer with a Local account, you're in luck, it's easy to change your name.

Click the START button and then type -

control panel

You'll see Control Panel appear at the top of the list.

Left-click the Control Panel.

If you've never searched for anything like this before, it can seem a little strange because there's no search box to type into.

The search box appears as soon as you start typing. So just click the START button and then begin typing.

The Control Panel will probably open in what's called Category View.

Click the drop-down arrow beside Category and on the menu click Large Icons.

That's much better.


It's near the bottom of the page so you may have to scroll down.

To change your Windows account name, click CHANGE YOUR ACCOUNT NAME.

And now simply type the name you want into the New Account Name box.

When you're done, click the CHANGE NAME button.

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If you don't see the option to Change Your Account Name, if it's just not there for you to click on, then you're singing into your computer using a Microsoft account.

Things are a little different if you're using an MS account.

changing your account name with a microsoft account.

If you're signing into your computer using a Microsoft account, rather than a Local account, there are two ways to change your account name. And it all depends on what it is you want to achieve.

The first and easiest method is to simply switch from your MS account to a local account. In doing that, you can choose whatever name you want on your computer account.

The second method is to change your display name on your Microsoft account itself.

We'll look at both, starting with switching to a local account.

how to switch from a microsoft account to a local account.

To switch from a Microsoft account to a Local account, click the START button and then type-


Click MANAGE YOUR ACCOUNT (System Settings) at the top of the list.

On the "Your Info" page, click "Sign in with a local account instead".

"Are you sure you want to switch to a local account?"

Sounds scary, what are we doing?

Click the NEXT button.

Switching to using a Local account on your computer really isn't that much of an issue. Most of us won't even notice the difference.

But if you do, you can always switch back again. It's really not difficult to do.

When you click the Next button, you'll have to enter your password.

This is the password that you use to sign into your computer.

When you've done that, click the OK button.

Microsoft's account security is really rather good, especially if you've set up 2FA (2 Factor Authentication).

If you have, then you might need to further authenticate your actions by entering the code that they'll send to your second device.

This doesn't always happen, but if you've set it up, it might.

Once Microsoft are sure that it is you making the changes, you can enter whatever name you would like to use for your account.

Double-check your spelling, you don't want to end up having to come back here again.

You can also enter a password for your account if you want one.

If you don't, just leave the boxes blank.

When you're done, click the NEXT button.

And finally, click the SIGN OUT AND FINISH button.

how to change your microsoft display name.

If you want to keep signing in to your computer using your Microsoft account, then you won't have quite so much freedom in choosing your account name. For eg, you'll have to display both a forename and surname.

So if we look at my MS account, for instance, my name is displayed all in lower case. But I can change that, to make the initial letters into capitals, like proper writing.

To change your MS display name, sign into your PC then click the START button and type -


Then click MANAGE YOUR ACCOUNT (System Setting) at the top of the list.

On the YOUR INFO page, click "Manage my Microsoft account".

When you click "Manage my Microsoft account",  your Microsoft account homepage will open.

Click the "Your info" tab.

Just below where you see your current display name, click EDIT NAME.

Now you can type in a new display name for yourself.

You'll have to also fill in the Captcha box (best of luck with that).

When you're reedy, click the SAVE button.

As you can see, it's not that difficult to change your Windows 10 account name. Particularly if you're using a local account on your computer.

With a Microsoft account, you don't have that much flexibility, but at least you can correct the odd typo.


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