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How To Attach A Folder To An Email

How do you send a folder as an attachment to an email? You can’t just attach it as you would a single file. It doesn’t work.

But there’s a trick you can use. Zip (or compress) the folder. Zipped folders are treated as single files.

How To Zip A Folder To Attach It To An Email.

If you’ve got several files that need to be sent as attachments in an email, then often it can be a good idea to drop them into a folder. That way the files will all stay together at the other end.

Find the folder that you want to attach to your email.

As an example, I’m going to send this folder that’s on my Desktop.

On a Windows Desktop, an arrow points to a folder.

Right-click on the folder to open the options menu.

Move your pointer onto SEND TO.

A second menu will open.

On the second menu, left-click COMPRESSED (ZIPPED) FOLDER.

The options menu is open, Send To is highlighted and Compressed (Zipped) folder is marked.

After a moment or two (depending on the size of the folder and the speed of your PC) a second folder will appear.

It will have exactly the same name as the original.

And inside it will be all the files, exactly as the original.

The original folder and the zipped version are side by side on the Windows desktop.

At first glance, the folders appear to be exactly the same, but looking carefully, you’ll notice the new one has a zipper on it.

The zipper indicates that the folder has been zipped, or compressed.

It’s this one, the one with the zip, that we can send as an attachment in an E-Mail.

Close up view of both the original and the zipped folders.


Attaching A Folder To An Email.

Log into your email service, start a new message, and then hit the Attach files button.

In this example, I’m using Yahoo Mail, but you could be using any email service, it would be the same.

The Attach files icon (paper clip icon) is marked in Yahoo Mail.

Then it’s simply a matter of navigating to the folder that you want to attach to your email.

Don’t forget that you’ll have two folders with the same name, so be sure to select the one that’s zipped.

We covered navigating your computer to find your files & folders here How To Use Windows File Explorer


File & Folder Size Limits In Emails.

There is a limit to how large any email, together with its attachments, can be.

Generally, it’s set at around 25MB. Although this does vary a little between email service providers.

If you need to send files and/or folders that are over the size limit of your email service, then there are various ways of doing that.

We covered how to send large files and folders here How to send large files and folders over the Internet.

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