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Non techie, plain English guides to getting stuff done on your computer.

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As At Home Computer guides are added, they’ll appear here first. The guides aren’t from any particular section, just ordered by date.

Norton and Avast logo with a bag full of cash. Text reads " Norton buys Avast and AVG"

Norton Has Bought Avast

Cyber security giant Norton has bought Avast for a reported $8billion. And whilst that’s big …

Email Guides

Love it or loathe it, email is here to stay. Our lives are increasingly dependant on being able to access email. Virtually everything we do will require some form of email confirmation, booking or receipt. I’m hardly ever asked for my home address, but nearly always for my email address.

These email guides will, hopefully, serve to help you to get the most out of your email service, because you can do far more than send simple massages.

The email services I cover are the big 3. Gmail, Outlook.com and Yahoo.

Yahoo Mail

How to add pictures, links & attachments to Yahoo Emails.


How to add pictures, links & attachments to Gmail Email.

How to print emails, save emails, add contacts and block spam in Yahoo Mail. Easy to follow, step by step guide to using Yahoo Mail.


How to add pictures, links & attachments to Outlook Emails.

Forward Emails

Have all your messages from various email accounts delivered to just one inbox. Easy to do

How To Use
Disposable Email

Using disposable or temporary Email addresses can help to protect your privacy & prevent getting spam. By keeping your real email address..

How To Attach A Folder To An Email

How to Email a folder. If you’ve got a bunch of files to attach to an Email, wouldn’t it be good if you could simply send the whole folder…

Internet Guides

When personal computers were first made available to the general public, they were a huge technological leap forward, but they simply didn’t have a use. Until the Internet was created. The ‘net is why we need PCs.

The Internet Guides section of At Home Computer will grow and grow. There is just so much out there to be discovered and shared.

Free Google Account

How to create a new Google account. Google has a wealth of online services and tools available for free. Create an account to take…

Why Do You Need A VPN?

Do you need a VPN (Virtual Private Network)? VPN services have blossomed over the past few years, but what benefits do they offer?

Stop Using Internet Explorer

Switch from using Internet Explorer and start using Google Chrome web browser instead. It’s better, faster and easy to do. Step by step…

Beginners Guide To Using YouTube

The beginner’s guide to using YouTube will help you to get the most out of the Internet’s greatest video platform.

Subscribing On YouTube

What happens when you subscribe to YouTube channels? Does it cost anything? Should you do it? What’s it all about anyway?

How to create a Facebook account. Complete guide to creating an account, adding a profile picture, cover photo, updating bio etc.


Privacy Settings On Facebook

How to change your privacy settings on Facebook. Check what personal information your Facebook profile is broadcasting to the whole world now

How to delete or deactivate your Facebook account. Deleting is permanent and can’t be undone, whilst deactivation is a temporary freezing..

Do It Now

Lock Up Your Facebook Page

How to secure your Facebook account. Easy guide to setting up 2 factor authentication on your Facebook account. Use text message (SMS) or app

Then Do This

Facebook Account Recovery Options

Set up your Facebook account recovery options NOW. Before it’s too late. Getting locked out of your favourite social media site is no joke.

Windows Guides

Windows is the operating system that underpins your computer. Quite simply, it’s how you tell the machine what you want it to do. Master Windows and you master the machine.

Windows User Accounts

Windows User Accounts Explained. Create user accounts on your home computer. Microsoft & Local accounts. Administrator & Standard users

Show Image Thumbnails

Show thumbnails of your images (pictures) instead of file names when you open a folder. Your computer will often show you the file names…

Install Windows

How to setup a new computer. So you’ve unboxed it and plugged it in, now what? Read this guide to setting up your PC. Powering it on for the

How To Tag Your Photos

How to tag your photos in Windows 10. If you’ve got hundreds of photos on your PC, then tagging them will help you to find them Easy to do..


Update Windows

How to update Windows 10. Complete step by step guide to using the Windows 10 update feature. It’s important to keep your computer….

remove Your Windows Password

How to remove the password from your Windows 10 account. Fed up with having to enter a password every time you start your computer?

File Explorer Is Missing

File Explorer often goes missing from your Taskbar. It’s such a useful link that we’ll need to replace it. Click the Start button..

Set The Correct Time On Your PC

How to manually set the time and date on your Windows 10 computer. Sometimes they just don’t know what day it is. Right click on the clock…

Computer Security

How Does A VPN Work?

How does a VPN (Virtual Private Network) work? How do VPNs protect your privacy when you’re online? Easy to follow guide to just how it works.

Install Free Anti Virus

How to install and setup Avast Free Antivirus. Complete guide, download, install and setting up. Avast has been around for a long time…

PC Audio Guides

Music CD with musical notes. Flame burning. Text "How to burn an audio CD" g

Make A Greatest Hits CD.

How to burn audio CDs in Windows 10. You can create your very own greatest hits compilation CDs at home.

remove DRM From old WMA Files

If you can’t play, burn or convert WMA files, it could be that they’re copy protected.

Windows Media Player icon (logo) with musical notes. Text reads " How to use Windows Media Player"

Play Music On Your PC.

Play music on your computer using WMP. Play directly from a CD, or from audio files.
Create playlists of your favourite songs and add shortcuts from your Desktop.

Create music CDs that play on and on and on. The CDs will play in most modern Cd players. Perfect for long car journeys or lazy Sunday afternoons.

Easily copy your audio CD collection to your computer using Windows Media Player.

WMA file converting to MP3 file. Text reads "How to convert WMA to MP3"

We’ve all got some music files that we copied years ago with Windows Media Player. Convert them to MP3 files.

Tech Guides

Clipart hard drive image. Text "What are hard drive partitions".
Binary code for the letter A. 01000001
Large colourful Question mark. Text reads "Wgat are Kilobytes, Megabytes, Gigabytes & Terabytes".
A little bit interesting

What’s bigger or smaller?

What are Kilobytes, Megabytes, Gigabytes and Terabytes? How do we get them? Where do they come from? In computing you just have to know…

Blank CD. Text "Types of blank CD & DVD".
Desktop computer with side panel removed and various components labelled.

Computer Networking Guides.

Here At Home Computers I often run into a problem that I’m sure you’ll have met if you’ve got more than 1 computer. The file I want, be it a picture, a document or piece of music, is on my other machine.

Obviously you could just grab a USB stick and transfer the files between computers like that. But there is a better way. Computer networking.

By networking your computers together, they’re able to talk to each other. Which means that you can access files that are on one machine from another. You could simply view that file, or you could edit it, or you could even transfer it to the computer you’re using.

These days there are lots of different ways to do it and so I’ve created a selection of networking guides to help you get setup.

3 laptop computers displaying the same image file. Text reads "How to share files between your computers".

Set Up Your Home Network

How to share your files between your computers. Step by step guide to file sharing at home. Easily setup networking on your home PCs..

Files being synchronised between 2 laptop computers. Text reads "Keep files up to date automatically"

Well Why Not?

How to sync files between computers on your home network. Keeping files current on different PC’s is a chore, but it can be automated..

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