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We're looking at the most commonly asked questions about the most popular E-Mail services.

yahoo mail.

How to add pictures, links & attachments to Yahoo E-Mails.


How to add pictures, links & attachments to Outlook.com E-Mails.


How to add pictures, links & attachments to Gmail E-Mails.

tech guides.

A layman's guide to all the technology stuff and jargon that you'll need to know.

kilobytes & megabytes

Just what are Kilobytes, Megabytes, Gigabytes etc.

how a PC stores data

How does a computer store all those documents and pictures anyway?

the internet.

The good, the bad and the ugly on the 'net.

IE to google chrome.

Stop using Internet Explorer & start using Google's Chrome web browser.

audio guides.

If music be the food of love.......

copy CD to PC.

Copy your entire music collection onto your computer.


MP3 CD's can hold up 100 tracks, maybe more.

play music on PC

How to play your music on your computer.

Create playlists & more.

make your own CD's

Make your own compilation music CD's that'll play in your stereo.