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How To Fix Windows 7 Update Not Working.

Windows 7 Could Not Search For New Updates.

Every time you try to use the built in Windows 7 Update tool it runs into an unknown error. In short it just doesn’t work anymore.

To get Windows update working again, you’re going to need a couple of, well, updates. That’s right, you need to install some updates so that you can update your computer.

Windows 7 update screen. Message reads "Windows could not search for new updates".
Windows 7 update not working? It’s a common problem.

How To Fix Windows 7 Update.

To fix Windows 7 Update you need to download and install two updates manually. The two updates are kb3020369 & kb3125574

The updates need to be installed in order, install kb3020369 first and then install kb3125574.

Both updates are available for either x86 (32 bit) and x64 (64 bit) versions of Windows 7 so be sure to grab the right one for your computer.

kb3020369 x86 You’ll need this one for 32 bit versions of Windows 7.

kb3020369 x64 And you’ll need this one for 64 bit versions of Windows 7.

kb3125574 Both the 32 bit and the 64 bit versions of this update are on the same webpage.

After applying the two updates and re-starting your computer, you’ll find the Windows 7 Update will be fixed.

Install all the available updates including the optional ones.

Windows 7 update working.
After installing the two updates.

Getting The Two Updates.

Ideally you’d use another, more modern, computer to download these updates. Then transfer them to your Windows 7 computer using a USB drive.
However that won’t always be possible. If you can’t use a USB drive or maybe you’ve just setup Windows 7 as a virtual machine How To Install Windows As A Virtual Machine Using VMware Player.
In that case read on and I’ll show you how to get Windows 7 update working.

How To Update A Windows 7 Virtual Machine.

In order to download the updates to fix Windows 7 Updates, you’ll need to access the Internet. By default, the only web browser that Windows 7 comes with is Internet Explorer 8. That’s not going to be a good experience but it’s all we’ve got.

IE 8 is so far out of date that it won’t even load the Microsoft web pages to download the updates that you need.

Welcome to Internet Explorer 8 splash screen.
Oh no, Internet Explorer 8.
Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage.
Internet Explorer trying but failing to display the web page.

Install A More Modern Browser.

You’ll need to install a more modern web browser, but the number of browsers that’ll work with Windows 7 is dwindling.

However I’ve found that the Opera web browser does work and you can get it installed using IE8.

  1. In the Bing search box type “Opera browser” and hit the Enter key on your keyboard.
  2. You’ll probably have to scroll down the search results page a little to find the correct link.
  3. After clicking the Opera link in the search results IE 8 will probably inform you that “There is a problem with this websites security certificate”. Click “Continue to the website (not recommended)”.
  4. Finally, on the website download and install Opera.


Search for Opera web browser.
Search for the Opera web browser.


Search results link.
Click the link in the search results.


IE 8 informing that there is a problem with the security certificate.
Ignore the security certificate warning.


Opera web browser download page.
Click the Download Now button.

If you’re download doesn’t start automatically (which it never did for me), click the Try Again link.

After that Opera should download.

Run the setup to install Opera on your computer.

After installation it should launch automatically.

Try again link indicated.
You might need to use the “Try Again” link to get the download to work.

Download kb3020369.

When you’ve got Opera installed, the first update you’ll need is kb3020369. Microsoft has separate web pages for the x86 and x64 download pages.

In the search box type either

kb3020369 x86 if you need the 32 bit version or

kb3020369 x64 if you need the 64 bit version.

kb3020369 x86 entered into search box.
Type kb3020369 and then add either x86 or x64 to find the correct download page.

Download kb3125574

Next search for the kb3125574 update. Both the x86 and x64 versions are on the same Microsoft download page.

Searching for kb3125574
Search for kb3125574
kb3125574 download page. Both the 32 bit and 64 bit downloads are indicated.
Then download either the 32 bit (x86) or 64 bit (x64) version.

Install Both Updates To Fix Windows 7 Update.

Once you’ve downloaded both of the updates, install them. Install kb3020369 first, re-start your computer or VM, then install kb3020369 and re-start your computer or virtual machine again.

When both updates have been installed, try the Windows 7 Update to see if it has been fixed.

You’ll find that it will just work properly.

Download and install every update available including all the optional updates.

Windows 7 update fixed.


Getting Windows 7 to update isn’t as easy as it should be. If you’re running Windows 7 on a laptop or desktop, then you’ll find it much easier to transfer kb3020369 and kb3020369 to your computer using a USB drive.

If that’s not possible for you, or you’re using a virtual machine, then install the Opera browser and then search for and install the updates as outlined above.

Either way, you should be able to fix Windows 7 update.

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