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Everything is on the Internet. It’s the reason most of us even have a computer. These guides are here to help you get the most out of it.

What is DNS? How does it work?

What is DNS? Domain Name System serves as the Internet’s very own phone book. All websites have an IP address and your computer needs that..

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What does a VPN do

How does a VPN (Virtual Private Network) work? Laymans guide to how a VPN can help to protect your privacy. What do they actually do?

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Latest Guides Added.

How to setup Windows Sandbox virtual machine in Windows 10 & Windows 11.
Windows Sandbox is a single use, throw away virtual machine that you can setup in...
How to create a new user account in Windows 10 and 11.
How to add a new Windows user account to your computer. You can create new...
How to install Windows XP as a virtual machine.
How to install Windows XP as a virtual machine in VMware Player. If you want...
Install Mint as a VM in VMware Player.
How to install Linux Mint as a virtual machine using VMware Player. Want a new...
How to setup shared folders in VMware Player.
Setup a shared folder for your virtual machines in VMware Player. Easily pass files &...
Create a backup of a virtual machine.
How to make a backup of a virtual machine created with VMware Player. Save time...
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