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At Home Computer Security.

If you find that your scans are taking forever, check out the 6 most common problems.

Stay ahead of the game by scanning your computer for viruses regularly. Don’t rely on the real time protection, scan it. Whatever AV solution you use on your PC, run a full scan.

And finally, my thoughts on which antivirus should you use?

6 most common reasons for virus scans taking too much time to complete.
Scan PC for virus and malware with AVG Free Antivirus.
How to scan your computer with Avast Free antivirus 2024.
Windows Security icon. Text reads "How to use Windows Security.
Various anti virus company logos. Text reads "About anti virus".

Virtual Machines On Your Home Computer.

Virtual Machines are fully functional computers, meaning that you can install programs/apps, access the Internet, log in to online accounts and play music and videos.

You can everything that you’d expect to be able to do on a normal computer.

What are virtual machines?

Creating Virtual Computers With VMware Player.

VMware Player is a free to use program that you can use to create virtual machines (virtual computers).

How to install Windows 10 and 11 as a virtual computer.
How to create a Windows 7 virtual machine using VMware Player.
How to install Windows XP as a virtual machine.
Create a backup of a virtual machine.

Creating Virtual Computers Using VirtualBox.

VirtualBox is a true hypervisor similar to VMware Player. They both do the exact same thing, namely, they allow you to run virtual machine. But of course, they do it differently. They both have their strengths and weaknesses.

How to install VirtualBox on your computer.
Windows 11 virtual machine running inside a VirtualBox window.
How to backup VirtualBox.

The Windows Sandbox.

The Windows Sandbox is in itself a virtual machine. The difference is that you don’t have to install an operating system onto it. Instead, each time the sandbox is started, it will create a brand new version of Windows for you to use.

The Windows Sandbox is an optional feature of Windows 10 Pro & Windows 11 Pro. To install it, you only need to select a check box and then re-start your PC.

How to setup Windows Sandbox virtual machine in Windows 10 & Windows 11.
How to safely test software in Windows Sandbox.
How to use Windows Sandbox to check suspicious email links and attachments.

Maintaining Your Windows Computer At Home.

Windows has built in tools that you can (and should) use to keep your computer running smoothly. They’re a bit technical but not so much as the average user couldn’t run them. These guides make it even easier.

How to use chkdsk on a Windows PC
How to use DISM.exe on your computer.
How to use SFC /scannow (system file checker).
How to enable the F8 key for Safe Mode in Windows 10 & Windows 11.
How to remove computer programs that won't uninstall.
How to uninstall antivirus programs that won't uninstall properly.
Taskbar with File Explorer icon disappearing. Text reads "Replace the Windows File Explorer icon on your taskbar"
How to replace a missing recycle bin icon.

At Home Computer Course For Beginners.

For anyone out there who’s struggling to get to grips with their computer. These guides are back to basics tutorials. Each page builds upon the previous page and leads onto the next.

Depending on how long you’ve been using computers, you may well know some of it, but with the course you can see how it’s all implemented and fits together.

Here’s a quick selection from Chapter 1.

Computer mouse, keyboard & mouse pointer. Text reads "Mouse and Keyboard basics. Adjust mouse settings, double click speed and keys to remember".
How to make your computer screen easier to see. Scale up icons and text.
How to move and resize a computer program window.
How to save files in Windows.
How to Copy and Paste in Windows.

Domain Name System (DNS).

If you’re struggling with a slow Internet connection you could try switching to a faster DNS server. It really might help.

How does DNS work?
How to setup Open DNS on a computer.
How to change to Google Public DNS servers.

Audio At Home Computer

Playing music on your home PC is something that can really brighten your day. All these guides are based around the classic Windows Media Player (WMP), which is far superior to the newer modern versions.

How to install Windows Media Player (Legacy).
Audio CD with arrow pointing toward a Computer. Text Reads "How to copy (rip) Audio CD to PC"
How to use Windows Media Player.
How to remove DRM from WMA audio files.
How to burn an audio CD on PC.

Red square with white play button. YouTube.

When you can’t find anything to watch on TV there’s always YouTube. But where do you start?

YouTube is a fantastic video resource that’s free to use (you’ll need to put up with the ads, of course), but it has all types of videos. These are guides are for anyone who is just getting started on YouTube.

Beginners guide to using Youtube.
What does subscribe mean on YouTube.
How to upload a video to YouTube.
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