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Beginners Computer Course & Guides

Learn how to use your computer the easy Way.

At Home Computer you really don’t have to know anything to get started. All the guides here are step by step tutorials written in plain English for people like you & me working from home.

At Home Computer Course

A series of computer guides linked together in a logical progression. Each page of the course builds upon the previous and leads onto the next.

At Home Computer Guides

Standalone computer guides to getting things done on your computer. Specifically written for the home computer owner.

Guides From The Computer Course.

Folder with files being looked at through magnifying glass
Chapter 1

Find Your Files

Find your files and folders with ease

Scissors and a pasting brush over a computer folder
Chapter 1

Cut & Paste

Move files and folders anywhere on your PC

Chapter 5

Backing Up

Save your important files

Chapter 2

Tag Your Photos

Add keywords to your pics

Chapter 2

Windows Accounts

All about the different types of accounts

Chapter 3


We all need to do it sometimes

Chapter 3

Password Manager

How to save your passwords into Google Chrome

Chapter 4


Insert pictures, links and attachments into Gmail emails

Latest at Home Computer Guides.

Print & Save Yahoo Emails

If you’re using Yahoo, this is for you.

How Does A VPN Work?

Just how do VPN’s keep your browsing private.

How To Use Youtube

Beginners guide to using YouTube.

Playing Music

If music be the food of..

Norton and Avast logo with a bag full of cash. Text reads " Norton buys Avast and AVG"

Do You Use Either Norton Or Avast?

Security giant Norton has taken over its biggest rival Avast. The deal is reported as being worth around $8 Billion.

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