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Add tags to all your photos on your computer and make them easy to find later.
Stop searching through folder after folder, get Windows to do the hard work for you.

Check Your Facebook Account.

How do they know your email address? How do they get your phone number? Check you're not giving it away a Facebook.

Check It

Backup To The Cloud.

Save your most precious pictures into the cloud for safekeeping. It's easy to do and a lot better than losing them. And it's free.

Save It

If you've made a typo when setting up your computer, all is not lost. You can easily change your account name on your computer.

How To Send Large Files.

Sometimes you'll need to send large files from here to there over the 'net. But how can you do it?

Stop Using Internet Explorer.

Stop using Internet Explorer & start using Google's Chrome web browser. Take your Favourites with you.