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Aimed at beginners, the At Home Computer Course will get you up and running very quickly.

This is not just another read it and forget it course. Here, we walk through all the basic skills you're going to need to know to use your computer.

Mastering these skills will build your confidence and understanding when using a PC.

While the computer course is primarily aimed at beginners, these guides are for you when you just want to know how to do something on your PC.

how to use disposable email addresses.

With a disposable email address, you can sign into any website, safe in the knowledge they can't spam you.

how to use google drive for backups.

With your Google account you get 15 GB of free online storage.

Why not use it for storing your most important files for safe keeping.

how to create a google account.

Set up a Google account to get access to all of Google's free tools and apps.

how to screenshot on a PC.

Sometimes, grabbing an image of the computer's screen is just the best way of recording some information.

how to sync files between computers.

Keep all your shared files in sync and up to date.
Files automatically up date themselves in the background across your PCs.

convert your old WMA files to MP3.

How to convert WMA audio files into MP3 files.

Install the free VLC program and then ...

removing DRM from music files.

This applies to music you ripped from CDs using Windows Media Player.

And now they simply won't play.

updating your computer.

How to keep your computer up to date using the Windows 10 update feature.

how a PC stores data.

How does a computer store all those documents and pictures anyway?

It's all 1s and 0s to me.


How to add pictures, links & attachments to Gmail E-Mails.