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At Home Computer Antivirus Guides can help to protect your PC and yourself from malicious content on the Internet. What to install and how to use it.

Nothing here is sponsored in any way, it’s just the software that I either use or have used.

How to use Windows Sandbox to check suspicious email links and attachments.

Use the Windows Sandbox to quickly check out any suspicious emails that you might receive. We all know by now that you really shouldn’t be clicking on any links that are contained in emails. The same is true for opening attachments to emails. Don’t do it.

How To Use Windows Sandbox To Check An Email. Read More »

Silhouette of boy fishing from end of a jetty. Text reads "What is Phishing?"

What is phishing? What are phishing emails, how can you spot them, how can you protect yourself from them? Includes a real example of how..

What Is Phishing? Read More »

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