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How To Print Emails In Gmail From A PC.

How to print emails from your Gmail account using your computer. Most of us will need or want to print the occasional email from time to time, but with webmail, it’s not always clear how you can do it.

How To Print A Gmail Email.

Log in to your Gmail account and find the email that you want to print out. Once you’ve found it, left-click it once to open it (as if you were going to read it).

Gmail is open and an email message is indicated. A computer mouse with the left hand button depressed is also shown.
Left-click an email to open it.
The Gmail print icon is highlighted.
Click the printer icon in the top right corner to print the email.

If You Can’t See The Printer Icon.

The print icon “sticks” to the top of the email in Gmail. By that, I mean that the printer icon moves out of sight as you scroll through the message. It scrolls with the email.

If you find that you can’t see the print icon, then simply scroll back up to the start of the message and it’ll re-appear.

In Gmail, a message has been scrolled down and the print icon has disappeared. Callout reads "No print icon in Gmail? Scroll back to top of the email".
If you can’t see the print icon, scroll back to the top of the email and it’ll reappear.

The Print Dialogue Window In Gmail.

After clicking the printer icon, the print dialogue window will open. On the left-hand side of the window, you’ll see a representation of how the email will look when printed out on a standard A4 sheet of paper.

On the right-hand side of the window are various print settings.

The main setting to consider is the top one, labelled Destination.

Make sure that your connected printer is displayed in this box. If it isn’t, click the drop-down arrowhead and select it from the list of available printers.

When you’re ready, click the Print button in the lower right corner of the window.

Gmail print window is open. Destination box is highlighted.
Check that the Destination printer is the name of the printer that you want to use.

How To Print A Gmail Without The Header.

Sometimes, when printing an email, you may want to only print out the message body, omitting the header area.

The header area is the information right at the top of the email and includes the Gmail logo. When you click the printer icon in Gmail, it will always print out this way.

To print only the email content, the text and the images contained in the email, rather than all the extraneous data in the header, you have to “cheat” a little.

Print window open in Gmail. The header area (including the Gmail logo) is highlighted.
Sometimes you’ll only want to print the “body” of the email, rather than include the header.

To Print Only The Body Of The Email.

Select the text from the email body that you want to print. With the text selected (highlighted), right-click on the selection. On the menu that opens, left-click Print.

An email message open in Gmail. One paragraph of text has been selected (highlighted)
To print your email without the Gmail header, first, select the message body (the text),
Right click options menu is open. The Print option is marked.
Then, right-click on the selection. On the menu, left-click Print.

After clicking on the Print option, the Printer Dialogue window will open again with the usual controls.

This time, you’ll notice that the print preview (on the left-hand side of the window) doesn’t have the Gmail header info.

However, it will include your email address right at the top of the page.

Email address indicated at very top of page.
When you print just the selected text, the email header is removed, but your email address will still appear.

Copy And Paste Into A Text Editor.

To remove even your email address from the printed page, instead of clicking on the print option, click Copy. Then open a text editor or word processor and paste your selection into it.

If you’re only copying and pasting text, then you could use something like Wordpad (which is already installed on your PC), but if the email body contains images and other graphics, then you might need to use something like Microsoft Word, or some other word processor.

How To Print An Image From An Email In Gmail.

You might get an email with an image (photo) embedded into it that you’d like to print out and keep. This kind of thing often happens between family and friends.

You could, of course, just click the Print icon and print out the whole email, That would work.

But it’s probably not what you wan

In Gmail, the print options window is open. An email with the image of a baby is displayed.
Printing the whole email.

Download The Image.

The best way to print an image that’s been inserted into an email is to download the image onto your computer first. That way, you get the digital version of the picture as well as the printed version. How To Download From The Internet

To download the picture from Gmail, simply right-click directly on the image. On the menu, left-click “Save image as” or “Save picture as”. the actual phrase will vary depending on which browser you’re using.

Save the image to your computer, maybe on your Desktop or in your Pictures folder.

To print the picture, find the downloaded image, double-left-click on it to open it in your default image editor and print it from there.

Right click context menu is open. "Save Image As " is indicated.
Right-click on your image and then choose “Save image as”.

Image Editors.

Once you’ve got the image saved to your computer, you can open it in whatever image editor you prefer. Unless you’ve changed it, the default on Windows is the Photo app.

How To Print Attachments In Gmail.

Another item that you might want to print out is attachments to emails.

In this example, I’ve got two attachments, the first is a photo and the second is a PDF form.

PDFs and photos are probably the most common types of attachments that you’ll receive on your home computer.

In Gmail, an email is highlighted with two attachments indicated by a callout.
How to print attachments in Gmail.

To print an attachment to an email from within your Gmail Inbox, simply left-click on it once to open it. Generally the attachment will open within your browser.

The Print and Download buttons are located on the top right-hand side of the window. To close the attachment and return to your Inbox, click the Back button on the top left-hand side of the window.

Attachment is being clicked in Gmail Inbox.
To print an email attachment, open it by left-clicking on it.
Print, Download and Back buttons indicated in an open attachment.
Then either Download it to your computer or print it directly from Gmail by using the Download and Print buttons.
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