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How To Print & Save Emails, Add Contacts & Block Spam In Gmail

How to print emails, save them into folders, add people to your contacts list and block spam in Gmail (Google Mail).

How To Print Emails In Gmail.

Just occasionally you’ll get an email that you want to print out.

Log in to your Gmail account and then left-click on an email that you want to read.

Double left click on an email to open it in Gmail.

Log in to your Gmail account and then left-click on an email that you want to read.

Close up view of the print icon in Gmail

Here’s a close up of the print icon in Gmail.

The print icon is highlighted in Gmail

After clicking the print icon, Gmail will render the message ready for printing.

The left-hand panel will display a preview of the printed message.

In the right-hand panel, you’ll see your print options.

Check the Destination is set to your printer, then click the PRINT button in the lower right corner.

Print preview page of an email in Gmail.


If You Can’t See The Print Icon.

When trying to print emails from your Gmail account, the one issue you will come across, is that of the disappearing print icon.

As you scroll down an email, the print icon isn’t visible anymore.

If you decide that you want to print the message, you’ll need to scroll back to the top of the email.

In Gmail, the print icon only appears at the very top, or beginning of an email.

A question mark indicates that the print icon is no longer visible after scrolling through an email.


What About Using CTRL + P?

Technically speaking, you can use CTRL and the letter P to print your emails, but that will give you a printout of the whole window, not just your email. Below I’ve printed out the same email twice. The image on the left is printed using CTRL + P and on the right using the print icon.

An email printed out using CTRL +P. It shows the entire web page, not just the email.
Email printed out using CTRL + P. Note that the folders in the left-hand sidebar have been printed.
The same email printed using the print icon in Gmail. The print is formatted correctly and only the email message is printed.
The same email was printed using the print icon. Only the contents of the message have been printed.

How To Save Emails In Gmail.

Sometimes you’ll want to keep an email. Maybe it’s a receipt for something you’ve paid for or has instructions or some special message in it. Whatever the reason, if you want to keep your emails you could just leave them there in your Inbox. But there’s a better way. You can create folders in Gmail (just like you do on your computer) to keep your saved emails organised and easy to find.

To create a new folder in Gmail, scroll down the left-hand panel and click on MORE.

The folder panel in Gmail is highlighted.

Sometimes Gmail will collapse the left-hand panel.

To open it, simply hover your mouse pointer over the left-hand sidebar and the main panel will fly out.

The folder panel is collapsed in Gmail.

Scroll right to the bottom of the left hand panel.

At the end of the list, click CREATE NEW LABEL.

I’m not sure why, but in Gmail, folders are now called Labels.

Create New Label button is highlighted in Gmail

The New Label window opens.

This is where you can give your new label (new folder) a name. Obviously, it’s best to use a good descriptive name, something that’ll tell you immediately what’s in there.

You could create labels (folders) for family emails, receipts, utility bills, holiday emails etc.

The top box, “Please enter a new label name” is where you type in the name of your label (folder).

Once you’ve typed in a name, click the Create button.

New label window is open. Saved Emails has been entered as the name.

Now when you scroll back up the left-hand panel, you should find that a new folder (sorry, label) has appeared.

The newly created folder (Label) is marked in Gmail.

To save emails into your new folder (label), simply drag and drop the selected message onto the folder.

To drag and drop an email, put your pointer onto the one you want, hold down the left-hand mouse button, then move the mouse.

You’ll see the email move with your mouse.

Drag the email onto the folder where you want to save it, then release the mouse button (drop).

The email will be moved into the folder.

Moving an email to the newly created folder using "drag and drop"

How To Add Contacts In Gmail.

Whenever you send an email or reply to an email, Gmail will automatically remember that email address. Later, when sending that person another email, Gmail will offer the address as a suggestion as you fill in the address line.

That all happens in the background and you don’t actually have to do anything. But sometimes you’ll want to save the senders details as a contact. In Gmail, although it’s easy to do, it’s not obvious.

To save someone as a contact in Gmail, hover your mouse pointer over their name.

A pop-up window will appear after a few seconds.

Click the Add to Contacts icon.

That person and their email address will be added to your contacts list.

Mouse pointer is hovering over name in an email. Options menu is open. Save as contact is highlighted in Gmail

You can see and edit your list of contacts in Gmail by clicking the Contacts Icon.

An arrow points to the contacts icon in Gmail.

You’ll see a list of all the people that you’ve added to your contacts list in Gmail.

At the top of the list are 3 buttons, or options.

  • The magnifying glass allows you to search your contacts list simply by typing in their name. Handy if you’ve got a long list.
  • The next icon is the Open in new tab icon. It’s this icon you need to click to edit your saved contacts.
  • And the final icon is the close icon.
Contacts list open in Gmail.


Editing Your Contacts List In Gmail.

You may want to add extra information to your contacts list, such as addresses and phone numbers etc.

You can do that by clicking the Contacts icon and then the “Open in new tab” icon.

When the new tab opens, hover your mouse pointer over the name of the contacts that you want to edit.

To the right of the contacts name, you’ll see a pencil icon appear. That’s the edit button.

Click the edit (pencil) icon.

The edit contact icon (pencil icon) is marked on a contact.

Now the edit contact page will open. On this page, you can add or change any information that you wish.

If you need more options, click the “SHOW MORE” link at the bottom of the page.

Don’t forget to click the SAVE button to save any changes that you’ve made.

Editing a contact in Gmail.

How To Use Your Contacts List.

Using your contacts list in Gmail is really easy and convenient.

To send an email to someone in your contacts list, click the contacts icon.

Scroll through the list, or use the search function to find the person you want to message and click on their name.

An arrow points to the contacts icon in Gmail.

The contacts details will appear.

Click the Mail icon to send them an email.

Their name and email address will automatically be filled in for you.


How To Deal With Spam/Junk Email In Gmail.

We all get spam or junk emails, it’s just a fact of life. Gmail uses filters to try to identify spam before it even gets to your Inbox. But it can’t pick up everything. So some spam will always get through.

There are a couple of things that you can do to try to at least cut down on the amount of spam that gets through.

To block spam from your Gmail account, open a spam email as if you were going to read it, by double-clicking on it.

Opening a potentially spam email in Gmail in order to block it.

Please Note.

I’m not suggesting that you should block Facebook notifications as spam. I’m only using them here as an example because I have rather a lot of them.

With the email open, over to the right-hand side, you’ll see 3 vertical dots.

This is the More Options icon.

Left-click the More Options icon

The More options icon is indicated by an arrow in Gmail.

When you click the More Options icon (the 3 dots) a menu will open.

Near the centre of the menu, you can choose between

  1. Block (senders name)
  2. Report Spam
  3. Report Phishing
On the More Options menu, Bloc, Report Spam and Repot phishing are highlighted.

Choosing to block a sender (in my example the sender is Facebook) then Gmail will filter out all future emails sent from that person or company. Generally, if you’re being bombarded with spam emails this would be the best option for you.

Reporting the email as either spam or phishing will alert Gmail to your suspicions. They will then investigate the email and if they believe you’re correct, these emails will be added to the ever-growing list of messages to be blocked.

Quickly Deleting Spam From Gmail.

When you’ve got a lot of spam or junk emails from a particular sender, deleting them all is an arduous task. But you can have Gmail find them all and delete them all in one go.

Right click on a spam email and a menu will open.

Near the bottom of the menu, left click FIND EMAILS FROM XXXX.

Gmail will search through all the emails in your Inbox looking for messages sent from that sender (person or company)

Note that this can take some time if you’ve got a large number of emails in your Inbox.

Find emails from option is marked.

Once Gmail has found all the emails, click in the box at the top of the list to select all of them.

The "Select all " box is highlighted in Gmail.

All the emails will become highlighted (selected).

To simply delete them all in one go, click the Trash Can icon.

With all the emails selected, the trash can (delete) icon is marked in Gmail.

But to mark them all as spam, right-click on one of them, any one, it doesn’t matter which one.

On the menu that opens, move your pointer onto MOVE TO.

A second menu will appear.

Left-click SPAM.

All the selected emails will be moved to your spam folder.

Marking An Email As Not Spam.

Gmail does try to filter out spam and junk emails, but sometimes it makes mistakes. Occasionally it’ll drop a genuine email into your spam folder.

If you’re expecting to get an email and it doesn’t seem to arrive, it’s often worth checking in your spam folder, just in case Gmail has been a little over zealous.

To find your spam folder in Gmail, scroll down the list of folders in the left hand panel.

You might have to click the word MORE if you can’t see the spam folder.

When you find the spam folder, left-click it to open it.

If there is an email in there that isn’t spam, right-click on the email.

On the menu that opens, left-click NOT SPAM.

The email will be moved back to your Inbox.

The steps to mark an email as "not spam" are shown.

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