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How To Insert Pictures, Links And Attachments In Yahoo Mail

How to insert pictures and links to other webpages and add attachments to emails sent using Yahoo Mail.

If you’re a user of Yahoo Mail, then this is your guide. Incidentally, there is another guide for Yahoo Mail in the computer Guides section of the website. You can access it here Yahoo Mail – Print & Save Emails, Add Contacts & Block Spam

How To Insert An Image Into A Yahoo Email.

Adding an image into an email can really brighten it up. Especially good when emailing friends & family, but also useful in the office or workplace.

Inserting a picture or image into a Yahoo email isn’t as easy as it could be, and you don’t have much control over the size of the image either.

But it’s not difficult.

This is the type of thing we’re aiming for.

We’ve got an email that’s ready to send. It’s got some text and then there’s that picture.

It’s just gotta make someone’s day.

Yahoo email. Some text and an image of a sleeping baby inserted.


Inserting An Image

To get started, log into your Yahoo Mail account.

Once there, click the COMPOSE button to start a new email.

Enter the address and subject line.

If you’re simply testing that it works, you can address the email to yourself using your Yahoo Mail address.

Starting a new email in Yahoo Mail. The Compose button is indicated by an arrow.

Drag & Drop The Image.

This is the tricky bit. The only way I can find to insert an image directly into a Yahoo email is to drag and drop it.

Which means you’re going to have to have 2 windows open at the same time.

Leave your Yahoo message open, don’t close it.

For this example let’s assume your picture is in your Pictures folder on your computer.

Click File Explorer on your Taskbar, or click the START button, type File Explorer and click it at the top of the list.

Opening Windows File Explorer.

When File Explorer opens, find and open the folder that’s got your picture inside it.

When the folder opens, resize it using Restore Down.

Move the folder window so that you can see the Yahoo window underneath.

Pictures folder on top of Yahoo Mail window.

Find your picture, put your mouse pointer onto it, then hold down the left mouse button.

Now move (drag) your pointer onto the Yahoo message.

You’ll see the picture moves with your mouse pointer.

Dragging and dropping an image into Yahoo Mail window. Arrow indicates direction of travel from folder to Yahoo

Once the picture is on the Yahoo message, release the mouse button and the picture will snap into place inside the email.

Picture being "Dropped" into a Yahoo Mail message.


Resizing The Image In Yahoo Mail.

If your picture looks too big or too small in your email message, you can re-size it. But Yahoo only gives you 2 options. It can be either LARGE or SMALL.

I don’t know why they only allow you two sizes but it’s better than nothing.

Move your pointer over the picture, and in the top right corner, you’ll see an options button appear.

It’s a small circle with three dots.

The image options button in Yahoo Mail is indicated by an arrow.

Left-click the options button.

Then left-click either Large or Small, depending on what you want.

Image size options box in Yahoo Mail.


How To Add An Attachment To A Yahoo Email.

An attachment is a file that can be sent with an E-Mail. It’s not part of the email itself but attached to it. You can add virtually any file as an attachment.

There is a size limit for all email services, in Yahoo Mail, it’s 25MB. That’s the total size of the email and all attachments. As long as you stay under this, you can add as many attachments as you need to.

Log into your Yahoo Mail account, start a new E-Mail by clicking COMPOSE, and then add the address and subject lines.

Type in whatever you want to say in the email message body.

When you’re ready to add an attachment file to the email, left-click the paper clip icon at the bottom of the screen.

Add attachment icon (paper clip) in Yahoo Maill.

A small menu opens.


Attach files from computer option indicated on the menu.

Navigate to your file.

So if the file you want to attach is in your Documents folder, left-click Documents in the left-hand panel.

If it’s on your Desktop, left click Desktop etc.

Find the file you want to attach to your Yahoo E-Mail message.

File Explorer open. Left-hand navigation panel is indicated.

Once you’ve found your file, double left click it and it’ll be added as an attachment to your email.

The attachment will appear near the bottom of the screen.

If you’d like to add another one, left-click the paper clip again, find your second file & double left-click it.

Keep going until you’ve attached all the files you need to.

The attached file is highlighted in Yahoo Mail.

Keep in mind the 25MB limit. Generally adding documents type files as attachments isn’t really going to add that much, but when it comes to PowerPoint presentations, photos, audio and videos, these can be larger files in their own right.

Deleting An Attachment from Yahoo Mail.

If you change your mind about attaching a file, you can delete the attachment by moving your pointer onto it.

Then left-click the options button that appears.

Then click REMOVE on the menu.

Adding individual files as attachments to emails in Yahoo Mail works well enough, but you’ll find that you can’t attach a folder. There is a way to attach folders to emails, which we’ll work on on the next page.


Sometimes you’ll want to direct the recipient of your email to a particular webpage or website. You can do that by adding a clickable link to the webpage directly into the message.

Then all they need to do is to click the link to be taken to the page or site.

I’ll add a link to this page into the email.

The first thing to do is to copy the web address of the page you want to link to.

In your browser, find the web page, then left-click once in the address bar, directly on the writing.

The web page address will become highlighted.

If the webpage address is a short, easy one, you could skip this step and just type it in.

URL in address bar of browser is selected.

With the address highlighted, right-click on it.

On the menu that opens, left-click COPY.

Copying the selected URL from the address bar in browser.

Now log into Yahoo Mail and click COMPOSE to start a new E-Mail.

Fill in the address, subject and add whatever you want to the body of the message.

A new email.

At the bottom of the window, click the LINK icon.

It looks like two links of a chain. Or at least it’s supposed to.

The Add Link icon is in Yahoo Mail is indicated by an arrow.

If you can’t see the Link icon, then it’s hidden beneath the 3 dots. You’ll see them, 3 dots arranged horizontally.

Click the 3 dots and a menu will open. You’ll be able to see the link icon on that menu. When you find it, left-click it.

Options menu (3 dots) indicated in Yahoo Mail.
The 3 dots on the menu bar.
Add Link icon displayed on the options menu.
3 dots in options menu.

A small pop up window appears.

The top line says “Display Text”.

You can type in a very short description.

Something like “Click Here” or “Great Website”.

Or you can just leave it blank.

The second line is where the address of your webpage needs to go.

Now here’s the tricky bit. It already has http:// in it.

If you’re going to paste the address in, you’ll need to get rid of that first.

So left click onto the second line, then use either the DELETE or BACKSPACE keys to remove that.

Then press the CTRL key and the letter V on your keyboard to paste the address you copied earlier.

If you’re typing in the website address, then you can leave the HTTP:// in place and simply begin typing at the end of it.

Add Link address box highlighted. Remove text HTTP:// before pasting in URL

When you’ve filled in your web address, you can click TEST, to check it works.

When you’re happy, left-click the SAVE button.

URL pasted into the address box when adding a link into Yahoo Mail.

Yahoo Mail might bring in an image from the website.

If it does and the image is too large, move your pointer over the image, and the options button will appear at the top right of the image.

Left-click once on the options button, and then left-click your choice from the menu that appears.

Adding Emojis & Smileys To Yahoo Mail.

In Yahoo Mail, Smileys are called Emojis.

You can add Emojis (or Smileys) to your Yahoo emails to brighten them up, maybe raise a smile at the other end.

Type out your message in the usual way.

When you get to the point that you’d like to insert an Emoji, left-click once on the Emoji icon at the bottom of the window.

In Yahoo Mail, an arrow is pointing toward the Emoji (Smiley) icon.

You can scroll through the list of Emojis, or click a subject icon, or simply type in the type of smiley you’re looking for.

When you find just the right one, left-click it to insert it into your email.

Searching the Emoji menu.

Adding Animated GIFs To Yahoo Mails.

Animated GIFs are like very short videos that you can use in an email to make a point.

Usually, they’re used to comic effect.

When you’ve got your email typed up and you are ready to insert a GIF, click the Animated GIF’s icon at the bottom of the window.

Arrow indicates the insert GIF icon in Yahoo Mail.

You can scroll through all the GIF options, or click the category buttons to narrow your search for just the right one.

Or you can type in a simple search term.

Either way, once you’ve made your choice, double left-click it to insert it into your email.

You can change the display size, or remove the GIF altogether, by moving your mouse over the image.

In the top right corner of the image, you’ll see the options button.

Left-click the options button and make your choice from the menu.

Pro Guides.

In this guide I’m assuming that you’re accessing your emails through webmail, ie signing in over the Internet. However you can easily insert pictures, links, and attachments into Yahoo emails if you’re using an email client, such as the Windows Mail app How To Set Up The Windows Mail App.

How To Yahoo Mail – Summary.

If you just want to have a go at adding attachments, images, or anything else to your emails, then you can.

Simply send the email to yourself. Add in your own Yahoo email address, do whatever you want to try, then send the message. It’ll arrive in your own Inbox.

It’s a great way to experiment because you can see what your recipients will see.

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