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How To Install Avast Free Anti Virus Update 2022.

Avast has been providing free antivirus for many years and is significantly better at protecting your system than Windows Defender. I’ve used it on my own machines and clients computers without any real issues. Since the company was taken over by Norton last year Norton Has Bought Avast, it has changed its name to Avast One and although at this point no one knows in what direction Avast will be moved in, at the moment, it is still a very good free antivirus solution.

A common problem, or issue, when installing any “free” program or app, is that they’re often loaded with extra “premium” features that you’ll need to pay for.

In this guide to installing Avast One, I’ll guide you through the potential minefield and only install what really is free and that you really need.

Before You Install Avast One.

Before you install any new antivirus program onto your computer, make sure that you’ve removed the old one. You never want to have two AV’s on your computer at the same time.

Open APPS AND FEATURES on your computer and check down the list of installed programs for anything that looks like an antivirus.

If you find one, uninstall it. If you’re not sure, Google the name of it to find out.

If you’re already using the older version of Avast free, then I’d uninstall that as well. Start fresh.

The only exception would be Windows Defender. You will find Defender on your computer, but it’s a part of Windows itself and should be left alone.

How To Uninstall Programs & Apps In Windows 10 & 11.

Popular antivirus programs
These are popular antivirus programs that you may have on your system, but there are others, so double-check.

Download Avast One Free Antivirus.

Now that you’ve got rid of any old antivirus programs, it’s time to get Avast.

You can use Google to search for Avast Free antivirus, or click the link below.



You can’t miss it.

Download free protection button is indicated.

The Avast One setup file will download to your computer. It only takes a few seconds.

In most web browsers, you’ll see the setup file appear in the bottom left corner of your screen. Left-click it once to start the set-up process.

If you’re using Microsoft Edge, you’ll see the set-up file appear in the top right corner. Again, left-click the file to get started.

Avast setup file indicated by an arrow pointing at it in Google Chrome.
Google Chrome browser.
Setup file indicated by an arrow in MS Edge.
Microsoft Edge browser.

The User Account Control window will most likely pop up.

Check that it refers to Avast and then click the YES button to proceed.

YES button is indicated.

After allowing the Avast installer to run in the UAC window, you’ll see a series of screens as Avast One downloads and installs itself on your computer. The only thing you need to do is to click the INSTALL AVAST ONE button and then the DONE button at the end of the process. All the rest is automatic.

The installer is downloading the set-up files.
install button indicated.
Click the Install button.
Installation progress so far.
Done button indicated.
Click the DONE button.

After clicking the Done button, the installer will exit and Avast One will launch.

This may take a couple of minutes, so be patient.

When it finally does launch, you’ll need to choose whether you want the Essential (free) protection or upgrade to the Premium (paid for) protection.

Click whichever button is relevant to you.

Stay with free button indicated.
Choose Essential option for free protection.

Run Smart Scan.

Now Avast One will open properly. From here on I’m going to assume that you went with the Essential (free) option.

Don’t be tempted to skip this step.

Click the RUN SMART SCAN button.

Whenever you install a new antivirus on your computer, it’s always a good idea to let it run through a first scan.

Run smart scan button indicated.

Avast One will then run its first Smart Scan of your computer. The smart Scan will check your computer for viruses and malware (obviously) but it’ll also check your web browser for any unwanted add-ons or extensions.

The scan prepares. This is usually when Avast will check for virus updates.
Continue button marked.
Browser is checked for malware, click the CONTINUE button.
Continue button indicated.
No viruses found, click the CONTINUE button.

Avast One Advanced Issues.

When you get to this Advanced Issues page of the smart scan, STOP. This page is a bit of self-promotion for Avast Premium (the paid-for version).

All the Advanced Issues can be resolved by clicking the RESOLVE ALL WITH PREMIUM BUTTON. If you want to stay with the free antivirus protection, click the MAYBE LATER button.

After that, make sure that Avast One is set to scan your computer monthly and then click the DONE button to be returned to Avast One

Avast smart scan warns of 7 advanced issues. Maybe Later button is indicated.
Click the Maybe Later button to stay with free antivirus protection
Scan monthly option is highlighted and the Done button is marked.
Click the Done button to return to Avast.

You’ll see the option to create an account with Avast. The account is free and (assuming you’re staying with free protection) only requires your email address and a password. The choice is yours, so click the NOT NOW button.

Finally, after clicking Not Now, you’ll be given the opportunity to install the Avast Secure Browser. Let me give you a little advice. NO, don’t do it. Click the NOT NOW button.

Not Now is marked.
You don’t have to have an account to run the free version of Avast One. So if you’d rather not, click Not Now.
Not Now is indicated.
Unless you know what you’re doing, don’t install the Secure Browser. Click Not Now.

Avast One Privacy And Data Settings.

Exactly what information Avast collects about its users I really can’t say, but I’m aware that it may be far more than you’d expect. There are reports all over the Internet about it, just try Googling it. How much of what you’ll find is the truth and how much is simply hype and scaremongering, I don’t know.

However, you can at least limit some of the data that they can collect by changing a few settings.

Account button is marked in the Avast user interface.
Click the ACCOUNT option
Settings button indicated.
Click the SETTINGS button
Privacy policy tab is highlighted in Avast One.
Then click the PRIVACY POLICY tab

By default, all the options to share data and information with Avast will be pre-selected.

It’s entirely your choice which options you leave (if any) selected.

Avast One privacy options page. All options have been deselected.

Installing Avast One Summary

Once you’ve got Avast One free antivirus installed and set up on your computer you’ll start to see the occasional advert for other Avast services and products appear as a pop up in the bottom right corner of your screen. Generally, these can safely be ignored. They don’t appear so often as to become a nuisance, but just be aware that they are advertisements.

Clicking on them will normally either install something new or upgrade your current version of Avast to the premium version. All of which will need to be paid for.

Although Avast is pretty much automatic in everything it does, you can initiate a manual antivirus scan of your computer at any time How To Scan Your Computer With Avast One Antivirus.

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