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Getting Started With Virtual Machines.

A virtual machine is in effect a computer that runs within (that is inside of) your “real” computer. The VM is called the Guest and the real computer is called the Host. Confused? You won’t be after reading the intro guide.

The guest system is completely isolated from the host. It’s totally unaware that the host system even exists. To give a simple example, if you get a virus or malware on your VM, it can’t spread to your “real” (or host) computer. And that is a real security bonus.

Many of us at home have computers that are powerful enough to run at least one virtual machine. So why not have a go.

What are virtual machines?

What is a virtual machine? How do they work? Why do you need one?

How to create a virtual machine.

How to setup a Windows 10 or Windows 11 virtual machine.

How to create a Windows 7 virtual machine using VMware Player.

Remember Windows 7? If you still have a copy, why not run it as a virtual machine?

Email At Home Computer Guides.

Because we’ve all got email accounts.

Basic guide to using email.
How to print emails from Gmail, Yahoo mail and Outlook.com
How to add, open, print & save email attachments.
How to attach a folder to an email.

At Home Computer Beginners Course.

For anyone out there who’s struggling to get to grips with computers. You may be a complete novice or you may have had a machine for years and never really got going with it.

Learn the basics. Yes it is a little like going back to school, but that’s how we all learn. Start from the beginning, understand what it is you’re doing and why. Then everything else just seems to make sense.

Chapter One

Computer mouse, keyboard & mouse pointer. Text reads "Mouse and Keyboard basics. Adjust mouse settings, double click speed and keys to remember".
Chapter One
How to make your PC screen easier to see.
Chapter One
The Windows 10 & Windows 11 Start menus. Text reads "The Windows Start menu".
Chapter Two
Computer screen with 3 program windows open. Text reads "How to resize and move program windows".
Chapter Two
How to copy and paste on a computer.
Chapter Three
How to install programs on a PC.
Chapter Five
Computer screen with Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge logos. Text reads "How to use private browsing in Chrome and Edge".
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